HP RAID 5 Smart Array Server Data Recovery from Toshiba SAS hard drives

RAID 5 Data Recovery from 3 Toshiba Hard Drives

Our Corporate customer had lost data during HP RAID 5 Server failure due to power outage, all financial year ending data, reports, inventory and payment details were stored in the server. Including everyday data backup of SQL database, the same SQL databackup was taken from D Drive to E Drive, there were no additional backup storage was taken from the server.

Our RAID expert team have analyzed all the 3 Toshiba SAS Hard drives for the defects and reading purpose. Our team have found that out of 3 drives in HP RAID 5 array, 2 drives were damaged, one drive had multiple bad sectors or CRC / IO Errors and one drive had firmware level defects with drive converted into 0 MB capacity. Our engineers have started working with disk imaging of the CRC error hard drive by using our SAS imager tool, which had completely taken a disk image of the drive by reading each sector and re-reading upto 32 times or non readable error sectors.

RAID 5 Data Recovery from 3 Toshiba Hard Drives

RAID 5 Data Recovery from 3 Hard Drives with 2 TB Toshiba SAS Connectivity

We finally had 2 complete disk images in hand for raid 5 combination and data recovery. The data extraction was taken further with our tool using original RAID 5 combination using HP smart array delay in the server, the data were out, but the SQL MDF and LDF files were corrupt and non readable.

We have initiated another set of data recovery process by getting the firmware defect hard drive to original capacity and disk imaging process. Multiple combinations were made in HP RAID 5 data recovery architecture and got the exact working data of MDF and LDF SQL files, Finally the data were extracted with the original parameters and customer had received the entire recovered data with original data structure and working data.


Drive: HP RAID 5 Server Architecture damaged due to power outage, Three Toshiba SAS interface hard drives of 2 TB capacity each.

Recovered Data: 100% Accuracy

Time Taken: 8 Working Days

Customer Feedback: Financial database and company related database were recovered, thanks for the timely delivery with highest accuracy, the data were crucial for our regular day to day operations and year end. The corporate customer is manufacturer, supplier, importer and exporter of Material Handling Stackers, Loading Levelers, Electric Buggies, Storage Solutions, Forklift Trucks, Lifting Equipment and many more.

Seagate RAID 0 Data Recovery Services – RAID 0 Damaged Data Recovery

Seagate RAID 0 Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery from RAID 0 Array with Seagate hard drives successfully recovered. Drive: Seagate Desktop Hard Drives with RAID 0 Array ST1000DM010 Barracuda Series. Recovered Data: 100% Accuracy, Time Taken: 6 DaysThe hard drives were assembled in Dell Desktop computer, which is high-end machine used for CAD Drawings and for high processing requirements. The customer had lost all data and had issues in booting the machine. One of the Seagate hard drive was unable to detect in the computer and had issues with the partition structure. In RAID 0 architecture, the basic requirement is to have all the hard drives in working and in detecting condition, only then the data extraction and recovery from the array will be possible and all data will be in working condition with files and folder structure.

Seagate RAID 0 Data Recovery Services

Seagate RAID 0 Data Recovery Services


The customer had very urgent requirement of data recovery. Our RAID experts handled the device with initial diagnostics and provided the quick report with recovery procedure. The devices were taken to lab and one damaged hard drive from RAID 0 is rebuild with physical data recovery process. Post completion of physical data recovery, the drives were combined virtually for RAID 0 combination and complete data was extracted from Array.

Drive: Seagate Desktop Hard Drives with RAID 0 Array ST1000DM010 Barracuda Series.

Recovered Data: 100% Accuracy

Time Taken: 6 Days

Customer Feedback: Our team does not need to work again for 4 months to recreate entire projects. The recovery was timely and reasonably quoted.

Dell RAID 5 Data Recovery from SAS Hard Drives


One of the leading hospital had a Dell Server crash with RAID 5 Array,  which was up & running for about 4 years. 5 hard drives of SAS (Serially attached SATA) interface drives with RAID 5 configuration of 600 GB 15 K RPM drives each was lost due to 2 hard drive failures. Sudden power outage & bad drives caused crash in server. Dell server had RAID 5 architecture, wherein the array can sustain failure of one hard drive, and in hot-spare configuration the drive will be up and running without any issues even after drive failure. More than one hard drive failure would make the server down and unable to sustain further due to loss of parity.

The RAID 5 data recovery is crucial since it contained centralized Tally database, which is important for financial information. The client had immediate requirement of data for day-to-day activity and invoice generation.


The drives were named according to the naming convention in the server. The drives were analyzed. Out of 5 drives one of the drive failed due to firmware related issues and multiple CRC errors or bad sectors. Second hard drive was failed due to physical damages. Our engineers had took up the job on priority and corrections in the firmware were made using our proprietary data recovery equipments. After completing the series of work on the failed drive, the complete disk was imaged bit by bit and was rebuild. The RAID configuration was not successful, since the primary drive failure was physical and then the second drive failed. The physically damaged hard drive was successfully rebuild.

The complete RAID array has to be built without having original configuration details. Our engineers had to perform several permutations and combinations to complete the process. The drives were combined and rebuilt virtually. Complete data was extracted and delivered to the client.

Media: Dell Server with 5 SAS 600 GB RAID 5 Combination.

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Time Taken: 9 Working Days.

VMware Deleted RAID 5 Data Recovery

VMware_Server_deleted data recovery

VMware_Server_deleted data recovery

VMware server (Virtual Machine server) was crashed due to Server reset after multiple power fluctuations in clients location, the server newly created a “VMDK” partition by deleting the old version / previous contents in the environment.

The VMware data recovery (VDR) data recovery application could not get the files due to RAID 5, 6 TB array failure and overwritten partition and data information.

The customer required 14 of the VM’s (Virtual Machine’s) to be in working condition and data inside each VM’s, outlook and important document files was the requirement which is of highest priority and urgent for business operations. Losing data for longer time and without recovery will yeild to further business loss.

The work was started from rebuilding the RAID 5 architecture with original combination of hard drives, parity of each hard drives were understood for rebuilding process. First level we have rebuilded the RAID and on Second level the VMDK architecture was found successfully which was overwritten with new architecture. The automatically deleted VM’s were found by scanning process using our technology and are recovered, hence the data from each VM’s were extracted seperately with files and folders, submitted to the client.

Our technical experts have worked for 4 days, 24/7 monitoring with express recovery option for business continuity.

Media: EMC Square Virtual Machine. 6 TB Storage RAID 5 Array 4 Bay.

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Time Taken: 4 Working Days.

Company response: Express recovery solution was provided which was mission critical for our business.

Company Name: TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd.

12 TB RAID 6 Successful Data Recovery with 3 Hard Drives Failure

The recent success of data recovery from RAID 6 Server, SAS type hard drive of 1 TB each, the total server capacity of 12 TB with 3 hard drive failures. Recovery went successful without losing a single bit of information.

The client had power fluctuation for about 2 days of time and the server restarted 3 times during boot. Three drives went offline and the entire server was offline. IBM engineers have replaced the faulty hard drives with the new ones and tried to run the server but due to the failure of more than 2 hard drives, the RAID 6 cannot be completed or rebuilt with new hard drives. Our engineers visited the place for onsite analysis and later found that the drives have issues in detection and the motor rotation does not initialize.

Our engineers have acquired the hard drives and recovery process continued in our lab. The drives had firmware and the circuit board related issues wherein the firmware is the software code which controls the drive working condition, the capacity of each faulty drives has been converted into Zero MB capacity.  After successfully imaging the 3 faulty drives and rebuilding in our servers, we have completed the recovery without loss of any data. The recovery was successful 100%. The client was happy to see the entire server online without installing his operating system on the same.

Media: Dell Server 12 TB Hard Drive, RAID 6, 12 Array SAS.

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Time Taken: 20 Working Days.

Clients response: All our mail server backups and clients back-ups are recovered without a single loss and the server was also running without re-configuration and installation.

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