Burnt Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

Burnt Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery



Recently our client had an incident with fire damage in their location which was occurred due to an electrical short circuit, entire CPU was melted down and the hard drive was completely damaged. As the hard drive arrived our engineers have taken the circuit board out of the drive and cleaned it well and replaced with new one after taking readings from old PCB circuit board. Seagate hard drive requires original PCB board readings, which is important to recover data from the magnetic platters. We have completed two level of cleaning by removing the residues on the upper surface and the head and PCB board contacts. We have to blindly work on the hard drive since no upper sticker information is available which is charred in black, we have worked with the drive by taking information from PCB board parameters, which got us Model, Part No, Firmware version, Site code and other information which is

The model of the hard drive and the serial no. with other parameters and readings are taken from the drive via firmware access. The data recovery started in our lab working with the hard drive internal components. After 20 working days and several attempts for data extraction, the recovery went successfully with the extraction of about 70% of useful information from the drive. The required tally database and the user information which was necessary was prioritized and completed. The user was happy since other hardware can be claimed for insurance but not the data which was available on the fire-damaged drive.

Most of the Fire damage on the drive yield physical component failure, data extraction is difficult due to the involvement of finding a model of the donor drives and cleaning dust particles and foreign particles accumulated due to burnt plastic and rubber materials, majorly data extraction requires several levels of work on the drive.

Media: Seagate 500 GB Hard Drive ST5000DM002, KC45.

Recovery Percentage: 70%

Time Taken: 20 Working Days.

Clients response: Extremely Happy after seeing most important data recovered.

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