HP RAID 5 Smart Array Server Data Recovery from Toshiba SAS hard drives

HP RAID 5 Smart Array Server Data Recovery from Toshiba SAS hard drives

RAID 5 Data Recovery from 3 Toshiba Hard Drives

Our Corporate customer had lost data during HP RAID 5 Server failure due to power outage, all financial year ending data, reports, inventory and payment details were stored in the server. Including everyday data backup of SQL database, the same SQL databackup was taken from D Drive to E Drive, there were no additional backup storage was taken from the server.

Our RAID expert team have analyzed all the 3 Toshiba SAS Hard drives for the defects and reading purpose. Our team have found that out of 3 drives in HP RAID 5 array, 2 drives were damaged, one drive had multiple bad sectors or CRC / IO Errors and one drive had firmware level defects with drive converted into 0 MB capacity. Our engineers have started working with disk imaging of the CRC error hard drive by using our SAS imager tool, which had completely taken a disk image of the drive by reading each sector and re-reading upto 32 times or non readable error sectors.

RAID 5 Data Recovery from 3 Toshiba Hard Drives

RAID 5 Data Recovery from 3 Hard Drives with 2 TB Toshiba SAS Connectivity

We finally had 2 complete disk images in hand for raid 5 combination and data recovery. The data extraction was taken further with our tool using original RAID 5 combination using HP smart array delay in the server, the data were out, but the SQL MDF and LDF files were corrupt and non readable.

We have initiated another set of data recovery process by getting the firmware defect hard drive to original capacity and disk imaging process. Multiple combinations were made in HP RAID 5 data recovery architecture and got the exact working data of MDF and LDF SQL files, Finally the data were extracted with the original parameters and customer had received the entire recovered data with original data structure and working data.


Drive: HP RAID 5 Server Architecture damaged due to power outage, Three Toshiba SAS interface hard drives of 2 TB capacity each.

Recovered Data: 100% Accuracy

Time Taken: 8 Working Days

Customer Feedback: Financial database and company related database were recovered, thanks for the timely delivery with highest accuracy, the data were crucial for our regular day to day operations and year end. The corporate customer is manufacturer, supplier, importer and exporter of Material Handling Stackers, Loading Levelers, Electric Buggies, Storage Solutions, Forklift Trucks, Lifting Equipment and many more.

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