Mac storage network Drobo data recovery is our specialty, Drobo is a multi-disk external hard drive storage featuring a wide range of capacities, from 1 TB to 60 TB, using from 4 to 12 disk bays. Drobo devices include both Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). Its hardware storage device is made to indulge up to twelve 3.5 inch or 2.5-inch serial attached SCSI hard disk drive or Serial ATA / SATA and connect to the network or any PC via USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and eSATA, FireWire 800, Thunderbolt or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Inside disks are combined into a RAID array architecture and it uses nonstandard algorithms called Beyond RAID. Drobo data recovery can be done with multiple drive failures. It allows you to use disks of different sizes in an array but nevertheless get the maximum of fault-tolerant capacity. The Beyond RAID configuration stores data to various folders or locations across all of its disks. So, if one drive fails, any piece of data stored on the array can be in accessible. Beyond RAID data recovery is our expertise.

Drobo Storage Data Recovery

Drobo Storage Data Recovery

Our Drobo Data Recovery Process

When undertaking a diagnostic on your Drobo unit, our data recovery experts will process 3 steps:

  • Determine which of the arrays in the drive has failed.
  • Next, we Find locations of all data and recreate the necessary file-lists and folder structure.
  • Determine the most effective means of extracting and backing up this data.

Failures of Drobo 5N and other Devices

General Data losses in the Drobo are:

  • The Errors on devices may vary as they are depending upon the OS which used in your system.
  • The system has a great tool that, it automatically controls drive administration that is the system will manage the device itself, so there is no need for the

      Admins to be monitored any tool in the system.

  • A Special way to know about the issues in Drobo devices is to look at the LEDs in the front, which tells about any problems with specific hard disk drives like overheating, no detection, etc. Especially, when you can look at the red LED blinking, which is a sign of Drobo’s hard drive failure.
  • For avoiding heavy data loss issues, it is most important that you need to replace all the drives that have failed inside the server as fast as is practically feasible for you.
  • In the case where multiple drive failure occurs at once, the Drobo device is not likely to show any data, and it may also not display anything on your machine.
  • The device setup similar to RAID given by the systems is most likely to make the process of Drobo recovery is quite complex, even though, the file recovery chances are in reality higher on these devices than other common ones.
  • In the case of any failure or data loss, it is beneficial to collect information, as much as possible, especially regarding the disk sizes that are attached to the devices and also any of the information that can be gathered about the time when the disks were initially added to the whole system.
Drobo Box Data Recovery

Drobo Box Data Recovery

Why You Choosing Now Data for Drobo Data Recovery Services:

We have been serving the data recovery industry for more than 6 years. We have the reputation of recovering data in the toughest of the data loss cases in Drobo servers.

Our Drobo Data Retrieval Tips:

  • Turn off your device as soon as possible to prevent additional overwriting of data and also to prevent the hardware situation from getting worse in case hardware failure is the reason for data loss.
  • Never try to re-build a failed drive (NAS/SAN/RAID) if you are unsure regarding the symptoms.
  • Never attempt re-building of a failed drive in case more than one hard drive is showing unresponsive

Models of Drobo drives which we recover:

We recover the data from all types of Drobo drives. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Drobo B800fs
  • Drobo B800i
  • Drobo B1200i DRB1200I1A21
  • Drobo Mini
  • DroboPro
  • DroboPro FS
  • DroboElite
  • 5D
  • 5N Data Recovery
  • DR04DD10
  • DR04DD14
  • Drobo S DRDR3A21
  • Drobo S DRDR4A21
  • Drobo FS DRDS2A21

Contact Us & Enquire About Your Failed Drobo Data Recovery 

Finally, If you have a Drobo NAS where file recovery does not work, or rejects the disk pack, for example because it thinks two drives have failed, the choices are somewhat limited.

Don’t worry! Now Data Recovery Experts will provide services for any kind of extreme failures of Drobo.

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