How to select the best data recovery company?

Did you had a question about choosing best data recovery company in the market, hard to select the best recovery company? we will tell you how.

Due to carelessness or miss handling, the device may go to damaged condition and your photos and important data might go missing or corrupted. Hence to solve such type of issues Now Data Recovery, is here to help you to get back all your sweet memories back by investing our time and effort in recovering your data successfully. You’ll find companies in multiple locations in India for data recovery in your states or city. But you should get the best data recovery company. So our suggestion for the customers is do not try doing it by yourself (DIY) or giving it to a unprofessional or local service providers, because it might lead to permanent data loss. Therefore select the best data recovery service providers like us who are professionals in approach and recover your data fully.

Earlier we used to store our photos in the photo album which was in the form of hard copy, later after the technology started to grow, various storage devices released in market such as External Hard Drive, Pen Drives, Memory Cards, Flash Cards and so on. Since It has a capacity to store huge data and it can be carried anywhere anytime to see and cherish the memories. Multiple types of storage devices started growing widely, people started to keep all there data files in a single storage devices like Desktop and Laptop Hard Drives, Portable or USB Drives, NAS box, Servers, Storage boxes etc…

6 Key Points which you have to Look for Best Data Recovery Company:

  • Trusted & Certified Company
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Prices for Recovery
  • Time Frame for Data Delivery
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Experience Reviews & Ratings
Clean Room Lab

Trusted & Certified Company:
Company must be a certified with 100% clean room lab. Clean room lab is a dust free environment generally used to work on the storage devices. Before submitting your device to any data recovery center you should verify about the company.

Data Privacy & Security:
Company must follow the rules of maintaining the data safely with security, privacy policies, so that it must not be misused by anyone. Immediately after the data recovery completion company should follow the rules of wiping entire data. In our now data recovery company we strictly adhere to the rules of maintaining 100% data confidentiality and no one will have access to enter data recovery lab apart from technical team.

Prices for Data Recovery:
Prices for data recovery will obviously be different related to the cases or issues in the storage devices. After the analysis of the device, the charges, time frame will be informed accordingly. Data recovery process will begin post confirmation of the customer.

Media Examine

Time Frame for Data Delivery / Data Recovery:
Data Recovery time frame is not fixed, it will vary depending on the issue in the storage device, so it is better to take prior confirmation about the precise time for recovering the data. In case if the recovery process extends it must not affect your work.

Customer Support:
Customer satisfaction is the most important point in data recovery service. customer must have an access to the dedicated staff 24/6 or 24/7 via phone calls, email or visits. Your service provider must be able to clear all your basic doubts or problems on call, contact us. Confirm whether there is any hidden charges, advance amount must be paid? Because in few companies they collect advance amount with a non-refundable policy claiming if they are unable to recover the data the amount is not refundable. Be careful and look for a 2nd opinion who states “No Recovery No Charges” policy like us.

Customer Experience Reviews & Ratings:
Check overall ratings, reviews of the company in google or bing & other social media sites look at what others say and whom do they suggest.