Hard Disk Drives are generally termed as HDD are majorly used in personal or business Desktop, Laptop, Computers, External or Portable & Servers.

HDD data recovery is crucial for personal and business users. We give our best to get back your data because we have handled several thousands of Desktop, Laptop, External or Portable & Server Hard Drive Data Recovery cases successfully with the highest accuracy among industry and companies.

Hard drive Corruption or failures can occur in any way & in any form whether human error, mechanical failure, general wear & tear by usage and age of drive, caused by accident, electrical failure, virus attack, water damages, fire damages, programming bugs or malware etc..

If you find any type of failure in the hard drive, Please contact our professional now data recovery services in Bangalore, India to help you to recover the data securely and safely. We handle any operating system data recovery like Windows, Machintosh, Linux/Unix or Novell etc… Our Data Recovery Charges for hard disk are very reasonable and affordable.

Hard-Disk-Data-Recovery Hard Disk Drive HDD Data Recovery

Types of HDD Data Recovery Services:

HDD Data Recovery for Logical Failure:

  • Basic question comes like can we recover data from formatted or deleted data from the drive, Yes it can be done perfectly.
  • The Hard Disk will be in Good working condition but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as accidental corruption due to deletion/formatting, lost partition, virus infection, data crash or software error.
  • Virus or Malware infection.
  • Power surge problem in computer and drive asking for format.
  • Data Loss Accidental Deletion of Hard Drive Partition, Un-allocated partition, Partitions or appears as RAW partition.
  • Data Loss due to Accidental Deletion & Merging.
  • Installing New Operating System by Formatting entire Drive.
  • Operating system/Application malfunction.
  • Data deletion due to human errors.
  • HDD and Drive partitions are not accessible like C Drive, D Drive, E Drive or F Drive partitions.
  • Partially Overwritten Data or Erased data due to windows mac or Linux OS installation, Encrypted drives with bit-locker or true crypt or others.
  • File system or MFT corruption.
    • The huge size of the database & Several Fragmented Files.
    • The internal structure of the database is damaged.
  • Power outage or unexpected system shutdown. Bad sectors in the storage media. Windows asking for “CHKDSK” every time during boot. Drive Showing “Drive is Not Accessible” / “Format Hard Disk” / “Drive Failure”.
    • Blue Screen of Death error (BSOD).
    • Cannot login Operating system & data is present on the same drive. Showing “Please insert proper Booting Device.
    • Operating System cannot recognize your Bootable Drive / Drive partitions.
  • Logical Failure – Any non-physical failure of the hard drive can result in logical hard drive failure. Logical failures can result in any type of corruptions to the hard drive data, software viruses, Programming bugs or malware, accidental PC shutdown, corrupted files, accidental deletion of documents or files, software level issues and numerous different issues identified with the data on the hard drive can be recovered in a best way @ Now Data Recovery Lab Tools. Read More…[/panel]

Hard Disk Data Recovery

  • CRC Errors (cyclic redundancy check errors) in a disk.
  • Windows “Delayed Write failure” occurred. Cannot write data into drive D: /MFT$.
  • The Chkdsk issues or Scan your hard drive for failure, you might think that chkdsk might fix or repair your hard drive, but it does more damages to the data than fixing your drive.
  • I/O Errors in some drives of the hard disk and failed sectors. Freezing the computer while connecting bad drive.
  • Hardware Bad sectors, hard drive crash and not getting recognized,
  • Cannot format the drive, Cannot initialize the drive, showing as not initialized.
  • Drive SMART Parameters is Caution or bad. Error Message like “Please Backup your data” then drive goes unrecognized during Boot in Operating system. Read More…[/panel]

HDD Data Recovery for Firmware Failure:

  • Drive does not get initialized even after several attempts and could keep running without any noise or detection.
  • The Internal codes are corrupt and are not readable due to system area corruption and hard drive does not get detected at all..
  • Firmware failure in hdd or bad service area SA can occur because of harm to the area of the platter on which the firmware is found. Indications of a firmware failure can include the hard drive controlling up yet being unrecognized by the PC, or the disk freezing during the boot-up procedure. Read More…[/panel]

Hard Drive Data Recovery for Mechanical / Physical Failure:

  • Mechanical Failure or Physical failure in hard drive occurs when the read-write head or other components become faulty as a result of normal wear and tear, Frequent computer crashes, which entails physical and irreversible damage caused by a read/write drive head falling on the rotating platter or strange noises such as clicking, scratching, buzzing, grinding likely mean that mechanical failure is imminent. Similar to bad sector or firmware level failure hard drive, pc crashes and frequent freezing can also be initial symptoms.
  • BIOS cannot able to detect the Hard Drive.
  • PCB Board Problem: HDD PCB Board Burned Out due to Over voltage, Pin broken, Broken PCB board, Broken connectors. The drive is dead and no spinning or no motor rotation.
  • Firmware Related Issues: During Firmware Update or PCB Corruption.
  • Hardware / Internal Component Failure due to Age & Usage.
  • Hard Drive Fell Down or dropped due to Human Error and it is dead.
  • Frequent Power Fluctuation damaging PCB Board, Internal Head Assembly.
  • Clicking Noise due to Head Assembly Weakening Failure.
  • Grinding & Clutching Noise due to Mechanical Part failure. Read More…[/panel]

Reasons for Data Loss from Hard Drive HDD:

Hard Disk Drive Data Loss Signals:

  • The Desktop / Laptop don’t start-up or taking a much longer time to start.
    • Drive takes a longer time to open.
  • The Desktop / Laptop Hard Disk is running very slow and some file / folder/ partition is missing. The drive/ partition/ volume is inaccessible. The hard disk is making an unusual clicking / grinding noise.
    • Drives & Partitions are not accessible
    • File system or database corruption
    • Accidental formatting of partitions
    • Accidental files deletion
    • Files & folders cannot be accessed
    • Repeated program crashes or disk errors
    • Hard disk freezes during booting
    • Unusual noises, clicking or humming from the hard drive
    • Data Disappear/ Blank folders
    • Hard drive physical crash and mechanical failures
    • Computer HDD doesn’t boot & cannot access Bootable drive[/panel]

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