Portable or external hard drive data recovery are crucial nowadays, as they External USB drives are frequently used for Business, Travelers and end users. The removable media is a good means of saving important data in a quick and easy way due to lower cost per GB, Portability of huge data and higher reliability. USB hard drives consist of an external case or package containing a standard desktop or laptop hard disk with a USB interface adapter either with Micro 2.0 port Mini, USB 3.0 Ports, firewire or U type internface. External hard drive data recovery is often needed when it can no longer be accessed by the computer. These are usually used to back up photos, music, videos and other important data

Portable external USB hard dirve data recovery services Portable External USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

USB these units are prone to all the usual problems relating to hard drives plus some others that the external case and interface may bring. Portable HDD drives are often dropped or knocked over, this invariably causes a mechanical fault of some kind and results in the hard drive making a clicking noise when it is next powered on. Recovering the data from external drives with faults like this is possible once the exact issue has been determined and the hard drive are handled with latest recovery technology.

We Handle Data Recovery From Following Manufacturers:

  1. Seagate External Expansion, Seagate Freeplay drives, Seagate Backup Plus and Backup Plus Slim Portable drives with and without powered drives.
  2. Western Digital My Passport Portable drive and My Passport Ultra, Western Digital My Book Live USB drives, Western Digital Elements USB drive data recovery and Western Digital My Cloud Drives. The hard disk will have a direct USB port for 2.5″ disk of the latest model.
  3. Toshiba Canvio Connect USB Hard Drives, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Drives.
  4. HGST Turbo, HGST Mobile and Hitachi USB drives.
  5. Dell hdd drive with Samsung disk inside.
  6. Samsung P3 External drive with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.
  7. Transcend Storejet USB drive with military grade external casing protection.
  8. Buffalo USB Drives.
  9. Iomega Hard drive data recovery.
  10. Lacie External Hard Drive Recovery.
  11. Maxtor Powered and USB drives.

And all other types of Portable / External Hard Disk Data Recovery services can be successfully recovered in our 100% clean room lab.

Unforeseen circumstances occur to the external hard disk and it no longer works when you plug it into your computer. At this moment, with all your files, photos and videos inside, you are at a loss of what to do next? Don’t panic, We offer you the most effective and reliable Hard Disk Recovery services in Bangalore.

Problems in Portable/External Hard Drives:

There are many types of problems in the hard drive such as Logical, Hardware & Physical Issues and the charges for external drive data recovery varies depending on the type of issue in the Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

  1. Impact Damage: When the drive get knocked over, dropped, physical shock during connection or travel etc. In most of all cases, the resulting impact they suffer will cause problems.
  2. Over Heating: The drives have a tendency to overheat. This is due to inadequate ventilation if fan is too slow or not moving at all. Some external hard drives don’t contain any ventilation at all, a small number of devices may contain a fan inside the actual case to combat temperature build up.
  3. Accidental Data Loss: Accidental Deletion of data files and folders are the most common problems on hard disk drive (HDD) which can lead to data loss. Few reasons for data breaches are opening suspicious emails, installing the wrong file OS, moving crucial file locations documents, files etc.
  4. Virus Or Malware Attack: when suspicious links or emails are opened then there are chances of virus attack. This Virus attacks are one of the most widespread effects of being removal of user files. Issues such as spam sending, personal data theft, erased or removed partition tables etc., can harm your computer and lead to data loss. Hence always use an Anti-Virus Software to protect your data from such type of issues.

External Hard Drive Data Recovery External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Common Hardware Failure Symptoms Are:

• External Hard drive is Accidentally dropped and it has issues with buzzing, clicking and grinding noise.
• Frequent error messages while running software.
• Portable Hard disk is producing knocking sounds.
• Physical hard drive failure such as blue screen of death or BSOD on computer.
• Long wait time to access files and folders.
• Disk producing smoke due to excess voltage and power issues.
• Drive is physically burnt due to fire damages.
• The external Hard drive is water damaged after drenching or due to water spilling on the top of the drive.
• Hard drive is virus infected and all the files are hidden and not shown.
• Hard disk appears un-formatted.
• Operating system frequent slowdowns, freezes, and crashes.
• Operating system hanging after external device is connected and tried to operate.
• Operating system not booting after connection of the hard disk due to hardware issues.
• Computer restarting again and again after connection of drive.
• BIOS not detecting drive and the drive does not power.
• Accidental file deletion, formatted, corrupted drives.
• Accidental disk imaging with different drive without data backup which will cause overwriting.
• Unable to access partition due to system issues or hard drive issues.

External Hard Disk Recovery Possibilities:
Entirely dependent on the nature of the problem. Heat and Hardware associated problems are often easier to tackle than impact damage problems. Physically damaged hard drives are dealt with in our 100% clean room lab facility for data recovery and imaging purpose.
Do Not: Under such circumstances you should not continue to use the portable external drive as it may cause further damage to the platter surface unit. Also, you should not allow the system to run a repair utility on the drive such as Scandisk / Checkdisk etc., this can often render brings to recoverable data stage to unrecoverable stage.


what is Portable data recovery ?
Portable data recovery supports to recover data from dead hard drive or won’t boot computer due to virus attack or system crash/failure error.
We, at now data recovery assures you up to 100% portable data recovery or External data recovery of your files from all External Hard Drives irrespective of any data loss cases.

Why there is need for portable data recovery ?

If Operating system of computer is seriously damaged and can’t boot up, the portable data recovery is an ideal option for you.

  •  Portable data recovery is capable to recover permanently deleted, formatted and corrupted data from portable devices.
  • Portable data recovery of hard drives are crucial nowadays, as the drives are frequently utilized for Business, Travelers and end users.
  • External data recovery is often required when it cannot be accessed by the computer. These are usually used to back up photos, music, videos and other important data.
  • External data recovery service for external hard drives helps you to get lost data from top brands like Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend, WD etc.

How Secure Are USB Flash Drives ?

In case if you are storing essential data about your personal, important files, business records etc., numerous USB flash drives offer encryption includes that will almost certainly protect your documents from prying eyes. Physically, USB flash drives are incredibly powerful. Without moving parts, and being so light, most of the flash drives can withstand being bumped around, dropped, or stepped on without sustaining internal damage.

What is the Difference Between a USB Flash Drive & Normal Flash Drive ?

Flash drive is solid state drive (SSD) innovation that stores data like a typical hard drive found in many PCs, however utilizes no moving parts. flash drives come in numerous forms, external storage devices, compact USB drives, laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives.

A USB flash drive is portable flash drive meant for easy data storage or transfer, and which connects to a PC by means of a USB port. USB flash drives are small in size and it can be carried easily anytime anywhere.

What if I have one of these drives but the symptoms are different?

This is quite possible. These drives are still prone to all the other problems hard disks suffer from i.e.., mechanical failure, logical failure, bad sectors, firmware damages, physical damages etc.. We have expert tools and techniques to handle any kind of recovery from portable hard drive to salvage its data back.

As we are going through the clients, most of them are keep asking us, is it really required to recover dead hard drive / tapes?

Yes, of course, we need to do it. The companies like HP, Dell and other MNC’s approaches us to recover their dead hdd device, since that would be very important information. In fact, now data recovery has successfully recovered more than 3000 dead hard drives from the disks.

Advantages of using Portable drives 

If the storage device is lost or stolen, Access to the device is password-protected. If it’s not enough, Data Encryption is another option.

External hard drives are the best destination for backing up your data, but this only helps you when you have saved your data initially to an internal drive & then backed up in an external drive. (If backup data in external drive is the default option and data is not backed up in internal drive, there is a chance of data loss).

A full backup will help you to backup all the data on the computer, including the operating system & installed Apps. Therefore, there is a possibility of complete system restore.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]