12 TB RAID 6 Successful Data Recovery with 3 Hard Drives Failure

12 TB RAID 6 Successful Data Recovery with 3 Hard Drives Failure

The recent success of data recovery from RAID 6 Server, SAS type hard drive of 1 TB each, the total server capacity of 12 TB with 3 hard drive failures. Recovery went successful without losing a single bit of information.

The client had power fluctuation for about 2 days of time and the server restarted 3 times during boot. Three drives went offline and the entire server was offline. IBM engineers have replaced the faulty hard drives with the new ones and tried to run the server but due to the failure of more than 2 hard drives, the RAID 6 cannot be completed or rebuilt with new hard drives. Our engineers visited the place for onsite analysis and later found that the drives have issues in detection and the motor rotation does not initialize.

Our engineers have acquired the hard drives and recovery process continued in our lab. The drives had firmware and the circuit board related issues wherein the firmware is the software code which controls the drive working condition, the capacity of each faulty drives has been converted into Zero MB capacity.  After successfully imaging the 3 faulty drives and rebuilding in our servers, we have completed the recovery without loss of any data. The recovery was successful 100%. The client was happy to see the entire server online without installing his operating system on the same.

Media: Dell Server 12 TB Hard Drive, RAID 6, 12 Array SAS.

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Time Taken: 20 Working Days.

Clients response: All our mail server backups and clients back-ups are recovered without a single loss and the server was also running without re-configuration and installation.

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