What is Firmware Codes or Firmware Data Recovery?

The hard drive firmware codes are embedded in PCB board and internal magnetic platter surfaces called as Service Area, where in the drive functionality like read and write speed, track location, communication of drive capacity, serial no, part number, health parameters of the drive are updated in firmware codes. The expert firmware data retrieval is necessary for the hard drives with the service area issues. The codes are hard drive specific and unique information about the read write pre-amplifier details SAP CAP codes and drive ID, number of heads and number of magnetic platter surfaces are written in the same. The drive operation seizes when the codes are corrupt or damaged, the device will not be functional.
Firmware data recovery lab Firmware Data Recovery Lab

The hard drive when powered on, the drive gets power to PCB board, the board MCU chipset will pass instructions to the drive to get power on the motor, the drive read and read write heads will be initiated and hence the service area SA information or codes are read, the hard drive will start functioning by reading user data as instructed by codes.

Hard drive which requires firmware data recovery are:

  • The drive will not get recognized properly but running smoothly
  • G list information or P list information is bad and modules are non readable
  • SMART status or health issues in the hard drive might in caution or bad, some drives seize to function when smart issues are detected
  • G Sensor issue, wherein the drive had a fall, to protect user data the drive will be offline and will not get detected
  • Service area information is damaged or corrupted and unable to access hard drive information
  • ROM chip information is damaged or will not be readable due to power issues or firmware corruption in chip-set
  • Password protection in the drive, the user either forgot the password or it is not functional even after entering correct password.[/panel]

Typically the hard drives data in magnetic sectors consists of two parts, one is user data where user can use the drive to store information like documents photos videos and other data, the another part of the drive is called as firmware codes, which stores the Service Area SA information which are responsible for drive readings and which instructs drive to function and store data in the form of how the drive is manufactured.

The Reasons For Firmware Failures:

  • Manufacturing issues and failures like old models of seagate popular hard drives which went into firmware failures worldwide like 7200.11 series, wherein the manufacture themselves provided codes to avoid further damages.
  • Power failures and continuous restarting the computer which makes the drive service area to go bad.
  • Bad sectors in service area or SA information which stores firmware codes and drive will not allow to read the same, hence it wont boot up.
  • The read and write head failure or weak enough, which does not allow the drive to read and write firmware data causing failure.[/panel]
    Firmware fixing and data recovery for Seagate hard drives Firmware Fixing & Data Recovery For Seagate Hard Drives

We generally get the question like Can anyone fix the firmware codes themselves at home? or can i perform firmware repair myself? the question will be no until unless manufacture has released the fix in their website. however after firmware failures, fixing will not work, it has to be fixed before failure.

The drive does not get fixed itself, very expensive data recovery fixing tools are required to do the same and original firmware database backups are required for experts to understand the drive condition, correct and update the codes as required.
The firmware data recovery and repair methods depends on each manufacturer like Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Hitachi/Hgst, and other storage hard disk drives. Each brand have their own codes written on the hard drive and it is very important to understand each make and decode the same, as the codes contains serial number, model details, part number, site codes, manufacturing country or site code, pre-amplifier information, the drive track information, modules for each functionality which is quiet complicated to understand and repair.
Our experts understands each make and model with successful data recovery from any kind of firmware failures. Our data recovery cost depends on the problem in the hard disk drive (HDD) or storage devices.

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