The Hard drive imaging or duplication is the technique to transfer bit by bit information from the working or damaged hard drive for tasks which are used for mission critical usage.

The original hard drive failure can be compensated by successfully running the duplicated or imaged drives.

  1. CCTV camera hard drives for forensic submission.
  2. Medical equipment’s programmed storage media.
  3. CNC Machine hard drives.
  4. Telecommunication pieces of equipment.
  5. Printing Press programmed Storage Media.
  6. Forensic Duplication or imaging for evidence submission for cyber crime.
  7. Server Drive Duplication for multiple services.
Disk Imaging & Recovery

Disk Imaging & Recovery

The original hard drive will be write blocked so that none of the data will get added into the original storage media.

We provide following types of imaging services according to the requirements:

  1. Bit by Bit imaging process.
  2. Disk to Disk cloning Services.
  3. Partition to Disk or Disk to Partition Cloning or Imaging.
  4. SSD to SSD or SSD to HDD or SSD to SSHD, or Vice Versa cloning.
  5. Old PATA IDE, 50 Pin PATA, SCSI 80 or 62 Pins, SAS, SATA, M-SATA and other formats of hard drives and media.
  6. Get Drive Imaged for Up-gradation, Migration, Transfer Data, Transfer OS, Transfer data with architecture or Data Duplication.
  7. Linux cloning for booting services used for Server and desktop or laptop drives.
  8. Windows cloning or imaging for OS booting.

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