Our Seagate data recovery services are a big part of what we do on a daily basis, due to higher failure rates in Seagate hard drives due to logical, firmware damaged, electronic or pcb damaged, physically or mechanical component damaged data recovery needs. We recover the data from any failed and broken hard drives. Support for all types of desktop and laptop hard drives as well as external/portable/USB hard drives with proper data recovery tools, 100% clean room lab, with proper donor spare parts to recover your lost data back.
Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery for damaged hard drives Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery from Now Data Recovery India
Seagate is an American data storage company. The are the largest competitor in the hard drive storage industry today.  Seagate’s successful corporation offers an extensive array of data storage devices from hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) to cloud-based systems. The manufacturer provides drives according to the market needs for both personal and business use. For personal use, offers desktop, laptop and external drives for PCs and Macs in different series called SATA Thin, Backup Plus and Expansion drives. For business purposes, offers the same devices used by the singular consumer in addition to Personal Cloud, NAS like 2-Bay NAS and RAID specialized storage systems.
Seagate Portable Hard Drives Models and Types Data Recovery Seagate Portable Hard Drives Models and Types Data Recovery
While Seagate storage drive issues sometimes appear rather quickly, some will surface only after a period of time. If you so happen to have drives that start to show signs of problems, whether they are issues with SATA hard drives or faulty portable drives or failed SSD solid state drives. These drives are installed inside laptops, desktops, DVR systems, RAID servers or other data storage systems such as NAS, DAS or SAN. Nowadays Hard drives are facing wide number of failures, here we display you few number of hard drive failures and symptoms. If you want to know the exact data recovery solution for your failed Seagate hdd, you should need a perfect data recovery professionals to diagnose your device failure. To help you identify the potential issues and seek professional help in time of need, here are some common symptoms experienced by users with hard drives.
The Seagate hard drive failures and symptoms which needs data recovery:

  • Logical Failure
  • Accidentally Deletion or Formatted issues
  • Malfunction/Virus issues
  • Electronic Component or PCB Failure
  • Firmware Failure
  • Broken/Damaged Issues
  • Bad Sector Issues
  • Clicking Noise Issues
  • Head damages or Media damages or Physical failures

Logical Failure Data Recovery from Seagate Hard Drives:

Logical Failure in hard drives which seems the media files got accidentally deleted/formatted, the system may not be recognized the bios and it shows in the disk management but the error occurs like “Format the disk”. These type of issues are defined as logical failures in Seagate manufactured hard drives. In this cases hard drives will spin up and will likely sound healthy. For these cases we have data extraction tools and techniques and we can easily get back your lost data. For more details contact to our data recovery service center.

Seagate Data Recovery from Electronic Component Failure or PCB Failure:

Electronic failures in the hard drives are quite common they are due to power supply issues with excess or lower power voltages. Due to the power issues in the hard drives some of the hardware components will fail, in this conditions don’t try to connect more times your hard drives. Common issues of electronic issues in drives includes Plugging laptop power supplies into external hard drives, Faulty PSUs/ SMPF in desktop computers, Water and flood damage and so on. Don’t worry! We have perfect data recovery tools and methods to recover the data from these issues. Hard drives with burning smell and hdd may not spin these are due to PCB/Logic board failures. In the hard drives on PCB Board rom is present, this contains the total imported manufacturing data of the hard drive. So the data recovery process needs the similar model of the failure model to swap damaged parts and shifting firmware readings from the drive and we should perform recovery with step by step update and corrections of the codes. This process requires specialized technology and equipment which needs to perform in our lab for perfect results. Contact our Data Recovery Experts today.


Seagate PCB Board Models and Versions

Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 PCB Damaged Data Recovery

  • ST380013AS  PCB 100336321
  • ST3160828AS e PCB 100331803
  • ST380013AS  PCB 100276340
  • ST380011A PCB 100291893
  • ST380011A  PCB 100306042
  • ST380013AS  PCB 100306336
  • 100306042 PCB
  • 100291893 PCB
  • 100306336 PCB
  • 100252820 PCB
  • 100367024 PCB
  • 4490D6/100300639-83 PCB
  • 100274360-74 PCB
  • 100328755 PCB
  • 100328754 PCB


Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 PCB

  • ST3320620SV Seagate PCB 100350106
  • ST3400632A  PCB 100335401
  • 100337233 PCB
  • 100335401 PCB
  • 100367050 PCB
  • 100335774 PCB
  • 100354297 PCB


Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 PCB

  • ST3320620NS Seagate PCB 100383395
  • ST3500841A  PCB 100383767
  • ST3300822AS  PCB 100367026
  • ST3250824AS  PCB 100355589
  • ST3200827AS  PCB 100367026
  • 100383395 PCB
  • 100383767 PCB
  • 100389148 PCB
  • 100387575 PCB
  • 100406937 PCB
  • 100387574 PCB
  • 100368182 PCB
  • 100367025 PCB
  • 100367026 PCB
  • 100367028 PCB
  • 100367028 PCB
  • 100404226 PCB


Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 PCB

  • ST380815AS Seagate PCB 100390920
  • STM3160211AS PCB 100395316
  • ST380215AS PCB 100422559
  • STM3160215A  PCB 100431066
  • ST3160815AS PCB 100470387
  • STM380215AS PCB 100473090
  • ST3250310AS  PCB 100468303 REV A
  • 100468303 PCB
  • 100395316 PCB
  • 100395316 PCB
  • 100422559 PCB
  • 100390920 PCB
  • 100428473 PCB
  • 100427286 PCB
  • 100406538 PCB
  • 100406533 PCB
  • 100414872 PCB
  • 100431065 PCB
  • 100468303 PCB
  • 100435196 PCB


Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 PCB

  • Barracuda Seagate 7200.10 PCB
  • ST3250310NS PCB 100475720 REV A
  • ST3320613AS  PCB 100496208 REV A
  • ST3640623AS PCB 100512588 REV A
  • ST3640323AS PCB 100466824 REV C
  • ST3640623AS PCB 100530756 REV A
  • ST3250310AS  PCB 100442000 REV A
  • ST3500320AS PCB 100466725 REV A
  • ST3160310CS PCB 100504364 REV B
  • 100530756 PCB
  • 100504364 PCB
  • 100512588 PCB
  • 100512588 PCB
  • 100466725 PCB
  • 100498535 PCB


Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 PCB

  • ST6000NM0024 PCB 100743767
  • ST1000DM003 PCB 100749730
  • ST2000DM001 PCB 100762568
  • ST3000DM001 PCB 100627970
  • ST2000DM001 PCB 100653600
  • ST33000650NS PCB 100656494
  • ST4000DM000 PCB 100690899
  • ST1000NM0033 PCB 100706008
  • ST1000DM003 PCB 100724095
  • ST1500DL003 PCB 100617476
  • ST4000DM000 PCB 100710248 REV C
  • 100774000 PCB
  • 100721570 PCB
  • ST3750525AS PCB 100536501 REV A
  • ST3750525AS PCB 100574451 REV A
  • ST3750528AS PCB 100535537 REV A
  • ST3160318AS PCB 100535704 REV B
  • ST3160318AS PCB 100532367 REV B
  • ST31000528AS PCB 100650117 REV A
  • ST1000DM003 PCB 100717520 REV B
  • ST4000DM000 PCB 100710248 REV B


Seagate 2.5″ Laptop PCB

  • ST2000LM003 PCB 100739392
  • ST250LT003 PCB 100654403
  • ST9500325AS PCB 100656265
  • ST500LX003 PCB 100657576
  • ST9250315AS PCB 100660535
  • ST9500325AS PCB 100664637
  • ST9750422AS PCB 100675229
  • ST500LT012 PCB 100696152
  • ST500LM000 PCB 100705349
  • ST1000LM024 PCB 100720903
  • ST500LM000 PCB 100731589
  • ST9160310AS PCB 100507727
  • ST9500325AS PCB 100513229
  • ST9250320AS PCB 100513491
  • ST980411AS PCB 100513573
  • ST9500325ASG PCB 100535597
  • ST9160301AS PCB 100558355
  • ST9640322AS PCB 100564667
  • ST9640320AS PCB 100588318
  • ST9640320AS PCB 100588584
  • ST9250315AS PCB 100591681
  • ST9640320AS PCB 100603256
  • ST320LT007 PCB 100611631
  • ST95005620AS PCB 100612797
  • ST160LT003 PCB 100625000


Seagate PCB (Others)

  • ST3300657SS Seagate PCB 100549571
  • ST3500820AS PCB 100458675
  • ST3402111A PCB 100370468
  • ST310211A PCB 100112540
  • ST340810A PCB 100139362
  • ST340016A PCB 100151017
  • Seagate 100549571 PCB
  • Seagate 100458675 PCB
  • Seagate 100167669 PCB
  • Seagate 100370468 PCB
  • Seagate 100151017 PCB
  • Seagate 100167669 PCB
  • Seagate 100139362 PCB
  • Seagate 100412084 PCB
  • Seagate 100434407 PCB
  • Seagate 100507159 PCB
  • Seagate 100507161 PCB
  • Seagate 100507062 PCB
  • Seagate 100507792 PCB
  • Seagate 100115642 PCB
  • Seagate 100112540 PCB
  • Seagate 100172979 PCB
  • Seagate 100226836 PCB
  • Seagate 100387574 PCB

Firmware Failures Recovery from Seagate Storage Drives:

In Seagate hard drives when micro codes stored in the Service Area (SA) on the platters of the hard drive, have been damaged or corrupted due to this Firmware issues occurred. Before the hard disk can start up and become ready for read/write operation, it needs to access the SA and read the information saved there. Repair of the corrupted information stored in the SA requires expensive hardware and software plus years of experience and technical knowledge to repair of the Service Area using replacement modules from compatible library drives. One small error can render your drive irrecoverable and completely inaccessible. Firmware failure can also cause partial media problems such as bad sectors; therefore in order to achieve a successful data recovery, we need data recovery tools and immediate imaging is essential after firmware repair has been carried out. Firmware codes are key to hard drive read and write, hence these codes are not corrected with proper precaution, the drive will be bricked and goes to inaccessible or partial data access. Modern hard drives like F3 drives does not provide terminal access to firmware corrections and codes, due to locking or encryption in the hard drives, We have technology to unlock terminal ports and code corrections for data recovery process to complete.
Seagate Drive Recovery

Seagate HDD Physical / Mechanical / Head Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery:

Hard disks with bad heads will spin up and click up to some times, then power down because problem due to stuck in read write heads or damaged and broken heads of hard drive. The drives with Clicking, Scratching, Buzzing noise are some of the symptoms for physical or mechanical damaged dries. This issue often caused due to physical damage either due to dropping, high voltage fluctuation, suddenly pulling connected drives, manufactured drive age and defects or any kind of physical mishandling. This data recovery process will be done under class 100 clean room lab with data recovery tools and exact donor hard drive models. The data recovery procedure includes replacing the read and writes heads with donor drives, Replacement of spindle or complete platter if necessary, turning off auto reallocation and media cache if applicable so that the drive can be worked with firmware level and cloned with bit by bit sectors. We need to repair firmware codes to complete this type of recovery. Visit our data recovery center for Seagate hard drives for more info.

Checkout the Video Procedure that We Follow for Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our Seagate Data Recovery Service

Our process is quite simple. The first thing you do is simply send in your hard drive for an evaluation. Once we receive your drive, we will complete the evaluation.

After the evaluation is complete, we will update you and let you know what we’ve found and what is the cost for the recovery will be, time required to complete the process. Data recovery cost greatly depending on the type of problem it has, you can decide if you want us to proceed with the recovery. There is no charge if your data is unrecoverable.

Hoping to avoid such tragedy as much as possible, many computer users choose to use branded hard drives such as seagate, hard drive which enjoys high reputation in hard drive field. Yet, everyone should be aware of the fact that data loss is unavoidable. As long as hard drives are involved, data loss is likely to occur; no matter how careful you’re when using/managing your hard drives, the result may be the same – valuable data disappear every now and then from hard drives. At this critical moment of data requirement, Seagate hard drive data recovery becomes extraordinarily important.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Enquire About Seagate Data Recovery Services

To know more about our data recovery services or If need to talk with our data recovery experts, simply call our helpline (+91) 8951548581 or Email at info@nowdatarecovery.comOur Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery is warranty friendly, Please look into the procedure for taking Seagate Warranty Replacement which is submitted for data recovery.