Emergency Data Recovery Services for Business and Storage Devices

Whether if you have Lost your Valuable Data or cannot access your data and Need Emergency Data Recovery Service for your business Failed Storage Devices, Don’t Worry We Can Help!

Corporate or Business users require real-time data for their running business. Most of the Businesses use information technology IT in large scale to quickly and effectively to share information like Laptop Desktop NAS Drives, Servers, Workstations. Employees or users in industries use emails and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone systems to communicate with clients. Electronic data interchange (EDI) technology is used to transmit data including orders and payments from one industry/company to another via wide area network.

Emergency Data Recovery Services

Emergency Data Recovery Services for Business

Servers like Workstation, RAID, NAS, SAN, DAS and more media use to process/share information and store large amounts of data. Desktop and laptop computers and some wireless devices like Cloud drives, Wi-Fi HDD and Network shared drives. Hard drives and Flash drives like SSD, SSHD and Pen drives are used by employees to store, process, manage and communicate the information. What do you do when your data loss occurs? Due to the driving issue or controller damages, the information stored in storage media will be lost too.

Businesses like large scale and small scale create, manage and store a large amount of electronic information. Some information is vital to the survival and continued operation of the business which is important for business continuity. The impact of data loss/ failures/corruption from logical, hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware, encryption could be significant. Hardware failures like physical fall, electronic failures, physical fall, fire or water level damages and more.

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Don’t try with basic software available on the internet. If you run that software with your devices with one wrong step, the data recovery is impossible due to overwriting and software data recovery only works for logical recovery, all other issues require you to submit your Storage Devices for Data Recovery Professionals only.


Now Data Recovery Services Offering emergency data recovery and file repair services from any failed devices through our expert Laboratory facilities. When you need the fastest possible turnaround, we can recover data by dedicating an expert team of experienced professionals to work on your device information loss cases around the clock and give your data back in best possible turnaround time.

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  • Once after the submission of hard disk drive (HDD) our data recovery experts will perform emergency analysis and send you an analysis report to your email with a detail quotation.
  • Once we get the approval from the customers/client, we start the data recovery process in our laboratory. We have specially dedicated team for data recovery cases and they update regular process by call/email.
  • Once the data recovery work is done, we send the screenshots with a file list of the particular data with similar files and folders which you lost.
  • Finally, we transfer all your recovered data to the backup drive and get back your information.


Our First target is to satisfy the customers by recovering data emergency and mainly data recovery cases will depend upon the situation. Yes! We provide for highest priority for business cases. Our data recovery experts will know the value of the data and provide customer support end to end by delivering reports at the exact time, even we work even on weekends and holidays in our lab, to create value and work on business continuity.

We are the leading experts in emergency data recovery cases all over India and we are the Bangalore based data recovery company. Our recovery experts easily understand your problem, why means emergency data loss occur due to unexpected, but we have data extraction and recovery methods and professionals will work continuously on your issues and get your valuable information back.

Contact Us for Emergency Data Recovery:

If you are unable to access the data! Immediately contact our technical team or visit our company to know the condition of your failed storage device. Emergency Data Recovery Assistance for your Business, Contact our Data Recovery experts +91-8951548581 or +91-7795153911 or write us to info@nowdatarecovery.com