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Data Backup Solution

  • We provide professional consultation for future backup procedures & we provide suggestions on open source & free software’s which will be useful for data backup & future recovery.
  • We provide consultation regarding your regular IT useful software’s & techniques to protect your data from theft, deletion, encryption of data, password protection & consultation for overall software’s needed to make your system error free & keeping it in good condition.


Consultation & Services

  • Data Protection & Recovery
    • Data Backup
    • Future Data Crisis & Recovery
    • Data Security & Encryption
    • Password Breaking or Hacking: Forgot Password condition & Windows Login Password breaking, RAR, ZIP, Excel, Word, PDF, Access, PowerPoint, Files & Folders Password Breaking, Drive Encryption Password Breaking, Folder Encryption Password Breaking.. etc..
  • Personal Computing
    • Useful Software’s for regular use
    • OS Backup & Cloning
  • Online & Offline Protection
    • Personal Identity protection
    • Password Protection
    • Browser Protection
    • Banking & other financial related transaction safety tips

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