Encrypting File System is generally used for files that contain private and sensitive information. Most of the organizations like IT companies, business people, accountancy, company secrets and institutions use encryption to protect sensitive data. Encrypted File System makes it difficult for unauthorized personnel to access any files as it requires a matching key, passwords to open, view, modify or rename the data files & folders. Once the data is encrypted its goes to non-readability for any unauthorized person. A secret key is necessary to decrypt the encrypted data. Now data recovery company is professional in recovering the encrypted data with latest tools and advanced equipment’s to get back your data with the same quality and resolution.

Encryption Data Recovery

Encryption Data Recovery

Common Issues of Data Loss on Encrypted Device are:

  • Accidental Deletion of Files
  • Data Corruption
  • Bad Sectors
  • Accidental Overwrite
  • Virus Attack
  • Physical Hard Drive Failure
  • Encrypted Data is not Accessible
  • RAID Rebuild Failure
  • Accidental Partition Deletion
  • Encrypted Partition Header Issues

If you want your data to be safely recovered from such type of cases, then you need to opt for a professional data recovery company. Our engineers are trained with each kind of encryption parameters, how they work and we have our own R&D methods to Decrypt each encryption either related to disk or file encryption on the device. If we have access to credentials, we can recover fully or partially decrypted data within few days. We offer Data Recovery from Encrypted hard drives with various kinds of encryption enabled drives as follows.

Encryption Recovery

Encryption Recovery

Encryption Types We Recover:

  1. BitLocker Data Recovery from Encrypted Windows and Mac Drives.
  2. PGP Encryption.
  3. Mc-Cafe Safe boot & Endpoint full disk Encryption Data Recovery.
  4. Symantec Endpoint Encryption (Boot disk, Endpoint full disk Encryption).
  5. True Crypt Encryption Drives.
  6. Check Point Full Disk Encryption.
  7. File Vault & FileVault 2 Encryption recovery for Mac Hard Drives.
  8. Safeguard Encryption recovery.
  9. File encryption like EFS encryption in windows.
  10. Sophos Safeguard Encryption.
  11. Windows EFS Encryption

Hard drives which are encrypted by password protection or via applications can be recovered using our in-house technology. Charges for encryption data recovery depends on the issue.


What is Encryption?

Encryption is a central safety measure used to shield delicate data. encryption is a procedure whereby data is encoded when it is stored so it can’t be read without utilization of a secret key. This helps to protect the data from unauthorized malicious or accidental access. The encoding procedure and complexity of secret key help decide how simple it may be for someone else to interpret the data.

How does encryption work?

Pretty much every business holds or procedures some kind delicate / sensitive information or personally identifiable information (PII), and if a cyber criminal attempts to access this, encryption guarantees that it stays unidentifiable. It works by changing data into an unreadable form whilst it is being transferred and stored. This information can then just be decoded once again into plain content by the intended user, preventing any unauthorized access..