Type of Data Loss we recover:

Logical Data Recovery

  • Lost Partition Data Recovery
  • Partition Format Data Recovery
  • Accidental Deletion of File systems, Files & Folders Recovery
  • Non-Bootable Hard drive Data recovery
  • Inaccessible Partition / Drive Recovery
  • Data permanently deleted from Recycle bin
  • All types of file systems like Word, Documents, Excel, Access, Outlook, Text, Images, Videos, Zip, Rar..etc…
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Drive Errors / Bad Sectors Data Recovery

Electronic Circuit Board / PCB Damage Recovery


Media Level Data Recovery

  • Hard Disk is Partially Detected & not getting Recognized / Non-Detection in any computer.
  • Hard Disk does not detect in any Operating system or in BIOS.
  • Drive Clicks and Stops and appear as Zero MB or no capacity.
  • USB Devices as “Not Initialized” and no capacity in the disk with clicking noise.
  • Hard Drive does not have any rotations & No Noise.
  • Media Fell down from the certain height.
  • Sudden Power Failure / Excess Voltage variation & high voltage surge currents.
  • Hard Disk having Clicking Noise of Death.
  • Hard Disk with Grinding Noise.
  • Hard Disk with Scratching Noise.
  • Hard Disk with Clicking Noise & Stops after some time.
  • Media with Buzzing Noises Issues are considered as Media Level data recovery cases.
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Physically Damaged Media Recovery

  • Drenched / Water damaged hard drives or Media.
  • Fire Incident and damaged hard drives with burnt pcb and upper metal surface issues.
  • Hard Drives with Dents and damages occurred due to hitting on the ground or any other surface.
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Cost of Hard Disk Data Recovery