What is Bad Sectors/CRC errors and what is Bad Sector Data Recovery?

The drive suffering from reading issues are considered as bad sectors or IO Errors (I/O Errors) or CRC Errors drives, wherein when tried to be read the hard drive provides the output as IO (Input / Output) error or CRC Errors and unable to read the hard drive, for which software level data recovery cannot be done, it requires professional level hardware tools and clean room lab to work further on the drive to get the info.

Bad sectors are little clusters of data on your hard disk that cannot be read. More than that though, they are the potential to cause real damage to your hard drive if they build up over time, stressing your read arm and as it increases the drive will be slow reading and non detecting, for which bad sector data retrieval is the must. Those are fairly common with normal computer use and the imperfections of the world we live in, however we are experts in handling bad sector data retrieval & CRC Errors data recovery.

Having bad sectors will not speed up computer performance as well and also some magnetic sectors may become faulty without rendering the whole drive unusable. This may be a limited occurrence or a sign of imminent failure.

Two Types Of BAD Sectors as Follows:

Soft bad sectors occur when an error correction code (ECC) found in the sector does not match the content of the sector, requires Software tool level bad sector data recovery.

Soft Bad Sector data recovery

Soft Bad Sector Data Recovery

Hard bad sectors are the ones that are physically damaged (because of a head crash), or in a fixed magnetic state called as UNC errors, requires Hardware level or physical level bad sector information recovery.

A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a data verification method your computer uses to check the data verification on your Hard disks. A cyclic redundancy check error can be caused by several different issues: registry corruption, a cluttered hard disk, an unsuccessful program installation, or mis-configured files and more, this information about the drive is provided in health status of the hard drive called as SMART Information, when the smart errors found in the drive it is considered as bad sectors. Regardless of the specific cause, the cyclic redundancy check error is a serious one and must be addressed to avoid potential data loss or even a total system failure system. The data needs to be backed up immediately without much delay, as drives has potential issues to further gets damaged to physical or mechanical problems.

Hard Bad Sector data recovery

Hard Bad Sector Data Recovery

You can check the hard drive health condition parameters or SMART issues using HD Tune or Crystal Disk Info

The Following things you should not do during Bad Sector Issues:

  • Do not run Chkdsk, or chkdsk command as it will damage file architecture and imminent data loss.
  • Do not use repair software’s like HDD Sentinel, HDD re-generator, disk genius or other applications, which will cause the drive more damages and data recovery will be complex.
  • Verify disk command in mac and check errors in windows should not be used.
  • Do not open the drive which may damage it further with dust particles and fingerprints.
  • Do not try to fix bad sectors or crc errors as it will further damage the drive.

Symptoms of CRC Errors & requires Bad Sector Data Recovery:

  • Computer or PC or Mac freezes while the disk is connected.
  • The computer will not boot hanging in boot screen and does not proceed further.
  • The drive is corrupt and inaccessible and does not allow to read files and folders.
  • System booting and usage like data processing and computer operation and shutdown will be very very slow
  • Hard disk will get recognized in BIOS but unable to detect in my computer or pc.

Our Data Recovery team are well expert in recovering the data for all types bad sector related issues and other problems such a Logical, Hardware Level and Physical level issues.

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