Is it possible to recover data from RAID 1 Server after deleting, formatting or sometimes when RAID 1 array get fails? Our Experts Answer is YES!

Being professionals in the RAID 1 Data recovery, we recover data from both single hard disks and mirrored volumes efficiently. Now Data Engineers recover your critical files from any type of RAID 1 array/volume. We have a 100% clean room lab environment wherein all types of recoveries are done.

Raid 1 provides disk Mirroring and Duplication without parity or striping. It reflects the data of a disk to the same position of another disk, so it is called Mirroring. Data is written identically to multiple sets of drives, thereby producing a mirrored set of drives. It is used where system reliability is critical. It provides twice the read and writes transaction rate of single disks. Thus, any read and write requests can be monitored by any drive in the set.

RAID 1 Data Recovery Expert Solution RAID 1 Data Recovery Expert Solution

If a request is broadcast to every drive in the set, it can be served by the drive that response / accesses the info first. Sustained read out-turn, if the controller or software is optimized for it, approaches the sum of throughput’s of every drive in the set, just as for RAID 0.  Actual read out run of most RAID 1 implementations is slower than the fastest drive. Write throughout is always slower because every drive must be updated, and the slowest driver limits the write performance. The array continues to operate as long as at least one drive is functioning and alive.

System will read the information from the source disk. If it reads successfully, the data in the backup disk will be left alone. If reading source disk fails, the system will automatically read the information in the backup disk. This guarantees the continuous operation of users. Of course, the damaged disk must be replaced timely and Mirror should be rebuilt through backup data to avoid irretrievable data loss when backup disk is damaged. We help in RAID 1 data recovery from any failure and issues.

Data Losses in RAID 1 Array :

If anything happens to one disk in your RAID-1 array, Don’t worry. If it is in an external enclosure, a fall off your table could damage both hard disks. Or a power failure could short out disks. Even it could be when flood or fire damage occurs. Furthermore, if both of the drives in your RAID-1 array were manufactured too close to each other, their lifespans may be nearly identical. Since they both see the same amount of use, they could damage simultaneously just due to age.

RAID 1 Data Recover Expert Solution RAID 1 Data Recover Expert Solution for Server

But both drives in your RAID-1 array never fail at the same time. But if you don’t notice when one hard drive failure in your raids, one other fine day the second will fails definitely since both the drives are manufactured or inserted at the same time period. Once one drive has failed, your RAID-1 array is not a RAID anymore, it is prone to error and failure at any time. If you don’t replace the failed drive soon enough, you could lose your data when the remaining drive fails.

RAID-1 also will not have info protection against file deletion. If you delete files from it, the changes you make to the file-system are made to both hard drives. This is not a regular fault. Basically, it isn’t all that great of a backup option as it might seem at first glance, and it can’t save your information the way a good offsite backup service can.

Our RAID 1 Data Recovery Procedure:

  • If you have lost information from Raid 1 array. Submit your failed drive to our company for evaluation.
  • Once the evaluation gets complete, we provide you with a quotation for recovery and data approximation details and estimated time to complete the recovery work.
  • Once you approve of the above terms, we start data recovery process in our clean room lab and deliver data.

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