Linux Data Recovery | UNIX / Linux Data Recovery

Now data recovery is professional in handling corrupted or damaged files & folders from Linux/Unix Operating System either it may be loss due to deletion, formatting, corruption, accidental removal of files. Linux and Unix operating system running in Desktop, Laptop, Server and Workstations can be successfully recovered in now data recovery. With dedicated and skilled Linux engineers we support data crash from all kinds of Linux architecture whether the data is stored in Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), RAID Servers and other storage devices.

Linux/UNIX can be used in both Personal and Business or Corporate users. In our data recovery company we use latest tools and equipment’s to extract the information and get back the data with the same quality and resolution. You can find the Best Cost for data recovery from Unix/Linux Operating system.

Linux or Unix running machines like Application, Mail, Web and File Servers, NAS Drives or storage’s (NAS Drives like CryptoNAS, Rockstor, Openfiler, Open media vault, XigmaNAS, Free NAS much more and brands such as Quantum SNAP, Dell power vault, WD Myu Cloud Personal NAS, Seagate Personal Cloud NAS, QNAP, Buffalo Link station, Synology etc) are used in Corporate or Business setup and very crucial for data storage. Those type of critical cases can be handled in our company for the data extraction.
We also handle OS like Netware, Solaris, Apple HP-Unix and Linux servers and brands like HP, Dell, Compaq, IBM and others are recovered successfully in our data recovery center. If you are facing any kind of issues in any operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix then please call us.

Data Loss in Linux & Unix Operating Systems:

  • File Corruption & Disappearing.
  • Corrupted LVM / LVM2 Volume.
  • Physical or Mechanical issues in HDD, SSD or Servers Resulting Data Loss.
  • Bad Sectors in the Hard Disk.
  • Firmware Corruption or Burnt Circuit Board Issues.
  • Non-bootable Desktop & Laptop machines.
  • Kernal Panic and no booting device.
  • Logical Issues like Formatted Drive or Partitions.
  • Unable to mount Volume or Partitions.
  • Deleted Data, Missing Folders & Files From Linux Machine.
  • Server System and Hard Drive Crash.
  • FSCK Failure errors after running, Kernal Panic Errors.
  • Lost and Damaged data in RAID Array.
  • RAID Error in disk in Linux/Unix rebuild failure or multiple Drive Failures.
  • Apple Software RAID Array like Coldstorage, Filevault or Fusure drive corruptions.

Operating Systems Data Recovery from Linux/Unix:

Any kind of data loss in Unix and Linux partitions can be recovered by our expert team who are certified and well trained in Linux/Unix data recovery. We have in house 100% clean room lab setup with dust free environment wherein all damaged hard drive data recovery will be recovered.

Linux Operating Systems

Linux Operating Systems:

Alpine Linux, ALT Linux, Antergos, antiX, ArchBang, Arch Linux, BLAG, Bodhi Linux, Canaima, CentOS, Chakra, Chrome OS, ClearOS, CrunchBang Linux, Damn Small Linux, Debian, Debian Edu, Devuan, Deepin, Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre, dyne:bolic, Elementary OS, ELinOS, Emdebian Grip, Fedora, Freespire, Gentoo Linux, Guix, gNewSense, gnuLinEx, Grml, Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre, Instant WebKiosk, Kali Linux, Knoppix, Kodibuntu, Korora, LibreCMC, Linspire, Linux Mint, Linux Lite, Mageia, Mandriva Linux, Manjaro Linux, MEPIS, Musix GNU+Linux, Netrunner, NixOS, Novell Open Enterprise Server, OpenELEC, openSUSE, OpenWrt, Oracle Linux, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, Pardus, Parsix, PCLinuxOS, Pop! OS, Pentoo, Porteus, Puppy Linux, Qubes OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Red Hat Linux, ROSA, Rocks Cluster Distribution, Sabayon Linux, Salix OS, Scientific Linux, Slackware, Slax, SliTaz GNU/Linux, Solus, SolydXK, parkyLinux, Source Mage GNU/Linux, SteamOS, SUSE Enterprise Linux, Tails, Tiny Core Linux, Tor-ramdisk, Trisquel GNU/Linux, TurnKey GNU/Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu and Derivatives[38], Univention Corporate Server, Ututo, VectorLinux, Void Linux, Webconverger, Xandros, Zentyal, Zenwalk, Zorin OS.

UNIX OS We Handle:

  • System V, UnixWare
  • Sun Microsystems-Solaris
  • Hewlett Packard- HP-UX
  • IBM– AIX
  • Apple MacOS X Server & Desktop
  • NetBSD, BSD/OS, BSDi
  • SCO Openserver
Linux Data Recovery

File Systems That We Can Recover:

  • ExFAT
  • Fat 32, FAT 16, FAT 12
  • FFS
  • EXT2, EXT3, EXT4
  • ReiserFS
  • XFS
  • JFS
  • LVM
  • NTFS
  • EAFS
  • EFS
  • UFS

Precautions to Take When Linux or Unix System Crashes:

  • Shutdown the computer after data loss to the circumstances such as deletion or formatting or missing files and folders.
  • Prevent overwriting data and permanent loss to the files and folders.
  • Do no run any data recovery software’s, as it might damage further.
  • Isolate or remove the drive from the computer or server and keep it aside.
  • Don’t run too many programs at once.
  • Update your Anti-Virus Software on a regular basis.
  • Avoid opening unknown or unwanted spam mails and downloading the attachment.

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