Now Data Recovery Provides you with the Expert solution for Western Digital Data Recovery. We recover data from the failed laptop, desktop Western Digital hard drives, USB and Portable drives, NAS and Western Digital Cloud-based drives. We are well experienced in Western Digital data recovery services for over 7 years with expertise team undertaking regular technical update and R&D in the latest development of Western Digital drives.
Western Digital Corporation is a computer data storage company and one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world. Nowadays, Western Digital (WD) is a leading provider of storage solutions provider, Hard drives SSD and Network Attached Storage devices for backup, sharing and storing data in data centers, individual customers and corporate drives like portable drives, desktop hard drives, laptop drives, cloud-based drives and Network storage drives.

Western Digital Data Recovery Services from Now Data Recovery

Sometimes, Data loss might happen to the hard drive. Don’t worry Now Data Recovery Services recover lost data from all series of Western Digital hard disk and storage media, no matter what type of issue it is you have deleted by mistakenly deleted important files on the disk and couldn’t reclaim them from the Recycle Bin in Windows or the Trash in Mac, Accidentally formatted the hard drive and forgot to back up important files, hard drive corrupted due to sudden power failure, Mechanical failure and firmware corruption issues. Most of the data recovery companies do not have facilities of Class 100 Clean-room lab, Expensive data recovery equipment’s and technology to work on damaged hard drives, hence results from these companies are of up to the mark and the data will be recovered if the drive is suffering from any symptoms other than detecting and working drives. Don’t worry! Now data recovery provides you best western digital hard drive data recovery services all over Bangalore & all parts of India, either the drives can be delivered to our location via personal visit or courier we have pickup and delivery in Bangalore.

Major Failures in Western Digital Hard Drives & Data Loss Issues:

  • Logical Failures
  • Physical Failures
  • Virus Attack
  • Electronic or PCB Damages in HDD
  • Accidentally Deletion/Format
  • Mechanical Hard Drive Failures
  • Operating Systems Corruption
  • Blue Screen Error / CRC Errors
  • File Overwrites
  • Head Crash Issues

WD Drives models that we recover are provided in this list.

Logical Failure from Western Digital Hard Drives:

Logical Failure in Western Digital hard drives which seem the media files got accidentally deleted/formatted, the system may not be recognized the bios and it shows in the disk management but the error occurs like “Format the disk”. These type of issues are defined as logical failures in Western digital drives. In this cases, hard drives will spin up and will likely sound healthy. For these cases, we have Western digital data recovery tools and techniques and we can easily get back your lost data. For more details contact our Western Digital hard disk data recovery service center.

Western Digital PCB Board Controller Damaged Drives

Western Digital Data Recovery due to Electronic Component Failure:

Electronic failures in the WD hard drives are quite common they are due to power surges. Due to the power surges in the hard drives some of the hardware components will fail, in this conditions don’t try to connect more times your hard drives. Common issues of electronic issues in Western digital hard drives includes Plugging laptop power supplies into external hard drives, Faulty PSUs and SMPF in desktop computers, Water & flood damage and more.

PCB Failure in Western Digital Hard Drives:

Western Digital hard drives with burning smell, HDD producing clicking noises and HDD may not spin these are due to PCB/Logic board failures. In the Every hard drive on PCB Board ROM is present, this contains the total imported exported data of the hard drive. so for data recovery process needs another similar model of the failure model with the exact model and swapping the parts we should perform recovery. This process requires specialized in Western Digital data recovery tools and equipment which needs to perform in clean room lab for perfect results. Drives will have issues with encryption inbuilt with SmartWare encryption which is not recoverable directly, we need to adopt different techniques for the decryption process and breaking the encryption on the devices.

Physical/Mechanical Failures in WD HDD:

Physical/Mechanical failures in the Western Digital HDD due to the suddenly dropped from any place. Sometimes you can hear strange noises like Clicking noises in your hard drive. This shows the physical failures in your hard drive. Don’t try any recovery process by watching from internet contact data recovery professionals for your data. We have Western digital data recovery tools and methods which data recovery perform by experts in a lab.

Check Out Our Procedure For Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our Western Digital Recovery Process:

Few hard drives of a western digital crash due to various reasons, our Technical experts are equipped with modern technology to develop methods of reverse engineering for data recovery, as the manufacturing process gets improved.
Experts. Here Diagnostic part gets completes, then we provide you with the quotation. After your approval, we forward it safely to 100% Clean Room Lab for data recovery process.
The Western Digital hard drives are handled with care and apply specially designed western digital data recovery tools for data recovery/extraction is provided with the highest precision in our Class 100 Clean Room Lab. We support the WD Warranty drives, by certifying the same with the valid procedure that we have adopted for data recovery. See the Charges for WD Western Digital hard drive data recovery as follows.

Note: First instinct is to get the hard drive repaired, as the drive does detect, but in most of the cases the hard drive will not get repaired, but only data recovery will be possible from the hard drive.

Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital Data Recovery Cost and Price-List:

When it comes to Western digital data recovery cost, the answer would be different. Trust us, you have the absolute initiative in determining the cost of Western Digital data recovery Services. Our data recovery charges depends on the type of issue in the drive or storage media.

If you choose to make use of WD data recovery software, you may get free but quality WD hard drive data recovery service; but you have to pay for it when you’re determined to recover data from Western Digital hard drive by asking help from professionals/professional recovery companies.

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