Need an expert data recovery solution for failed NAS (Network Attached Storage) Device? Now Data Recovery is an expert NAS Data Recovery Services From all Devices. NAS is referred to as File level storage, Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a device connected to a PC or Laptop via the network. Such devices provide access to data at the file & folder level rather than at the sector level.

QNAP Network storage recovery
QNAP Network Storage Recovery Services

NAS data retrieval is complex due to its own file system the type which is set once the NAS is configured and doesn’t depend on the PC the NAS operates with. It’s environment can incorporate a number of different types of computer hardware and RAID systems where devices communicate using the block-based SCSI protocol over dedicated Fiber Channel or Internet Protocol (IP) network. Because of its many elements, architectures and file system can be quite complex & will be either ZFS, XFS, UFS, ISO and different kinds of architecture, the more likely a failure can occur in one component, affecting the entire storage environment, Data recovery is quite crucial in terms of box failure.

The advantages of this system are the rapid installation and simple administration. Many companies rely on such a data memory to copy large amounts of data. The security is also guaranteed in this type of storage. While you take precautions to protect your most important files, NAS appliances can fail for dozens of reasons. In some situations, you might not have access to an up-to-date backup, and whether you encounter multiple hard drive failures, hardware malfunctions, or a software issue, you need assistance from a fully qualified data recovery provider in order to quickly restore your files.

NAS Network Attached Storage
NAS Network Attached Storage Data Recovery

NAS Storage System Failures Can Cause Due to:

  • Overwritten Storage Configuration
  • Power Surge in Power Connector
  • Failed RAID Rebuilding
  • Failed hard disk drive(s) in the array
  • Deleted Snapshots or VMware
  • Meta-Data Corruption
  • Snapshot Management Errors
  • Data Management Errors

General Failures in NAS Servers:

Multiple Hard Disk Failure in NAS Server:

When any one of the hard drives breaks in Nas it will not give so much trouble to the server why because RAID 5 NAS server has a capability of Processing the work even any one hard drive failure occurs. when the second drive i.e.., multiple drive failure will lead to the NAS Server Crash. At this time, it is compulsory to recover the data from at least one of the hard disks.

NAS Server Controller Failure:

Sometimes the hardware which controls the hard drives in the server will fail. Recovering data from these failures is not so easy. our engineers have advanced recovery tools and methods they recover files from NAS Server.

Configuration Errors on NAS Server:

Sometimes Configuration settings changes occur due to this the server behaves like adversely. Here in the Recovery process, we need to reinstall the configuration and we fix the configuration problem in Server.

NAS Data Recovery Services for all Brands:

  • EMC2
  • Hitachi
  • Snap Server
  • HP NAS
  • Storevault
  • Netapps
  • Synology
  • IBM
  • FortuNAS
  • Intel
  • D-Link
  • Lenovo
  • QNAP
  • Seagate
  • Western Digital
  • Free NAS, Drobo

Our Experts are specialized in data recovery from NAS Servers of all most all popular brands like:

NAS Network Attached Storage
NAS Network Attached Storage

Now Data for NAS Data Recovery Services:

As a leader in professional data recovery Bangalore region, we can treat mechanical, electronic, and logical failures, quickly returning your files on the media of your choice, and our teams have experience with virtually all failure scenarios and hardware configurations.

NAS Storage Services are constructed with unique components and configurations depending on the manufacturer, Our engineers have the Excellent knowledge and technical expertise that comes from 6 years of data recovery experience, allowing us to achieve the highest success rate in the industry.

NAS failures require immediate Recovery. You need fast, Professional results. So contact Now data recovery for better solutions you need to effectively maintain your network after any type of failure.

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