What is PCB Damaged Hard Drives and How to get data from PCB Board damages of the hard drive?

PCB Board is the electronic circuit board which has burning sensation or overheating when powered on, then it is considered as PCB damage or board damaged data recovery, wherein the PC will not power on or there are burning or smoke coming out of drive when connected to the power, Turn off the PC and provide the hard drive to solve the problem in PCB data recovery from damaged hard drives.

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Any hard drive having issues with Electronic circuit board PCB and the drive does not get powered up is called as PCB board level issue or damaged hard drive, it needs data recovery experts to handle the drive and complete pcb data recovery.

PCB Data Recovery From Damaged Hard Drives:

The board gets damaged due to following issues :

  • Over-voltage due to power fluctuation / variation & PCB damages.
  • SMPF damages which is main responsible for computer power control and the same passing additional voltages passes through printed circuit board (PCB) and it will damage it permanently.
  • Not having UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) for controlling the main power to computer.
  • Wrong power connectivity, or drive connected after PC is switched ON. Like Molex power supply to SATA power.
  • Overheating of the Printed Circuit board during running and holes in the PCB board, due to improper ventilation in computer and the same can cause electronic issues.
  • Electrostatic discharge in hard drive causing permanent damages in drive PCB board and motor.
  • PCB Burning due to fire damages.[/panel]
    PCB damages in hard drive data recovery PCB Damages in Hard Drive Data Recovery

Normally the Hard Drive Consists Of Two Parts Explained as Follows:

  1. Magnetic disk or platter surface which consists of entire data which is stored in the form of magnetic signals written on the plates by read write heads.
  2. The second part is the Circuit board or Printed electronic circuit board (PCB) which passes signal to the read write heads and to computer / PC with SATA, SAS in Server, ATA as in old model hard drives, USB or SCSI connectivity. Typically the board will be either Blue or Green in color with various chips assembled in one board with lot of connectivity to one another. The board consists of motor controller, head controllers, spindle speed and voltage controlling units and part of firmware codes which is very crucial for hard drive functionality. The drive generally gets power from PCB board itself for motor and read write heads.

The symptoms on the hard drive which has electronic circuit board damages as follows, which needs data recovery specialists

  • No power on hard drive and system does not boot after power is on.
  • Burnt smell from computer or pcb board of hard drive.
  • Drive showing improper capacity and not the original one.
  • Visible damages on the drive like holes in board and burnt symptoms.
  • Unusual noise from the hard drive like occasional clicks, with proper running the motor stops and starting again.[/panel]

SEAGATE-HARD-DRIVE-PCB-DAMAGED-DATA-RECOVERY Different Models of Hard Drives Having PCB Board Damages

Precautions to be Taken on Hard Drive while having Electronic Issues for Data Recovery :

  • Do not run the drive when there is damages, turn off the computer or PC and do not switch it ON. Do not try to do PCB Repair.
  • Do not connect the drive to any other power unit as it may cause further damages in the hard drive.
  • Running the drive further will damage Motor and read write/head might get damaged.
  • Platter might get damaged or get into scratched condition.
  • Do not change PCB board with other hard drives even it is same model and firmware[/panel]

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Any hard drive above 20 GB capacity are configured with firmware codes and serial number on the same, interchanging the PCB will not work for any drive above 20 GB, the drive will not function and it will further gets damaged. The board swapping and data recovery requires exact matching model, firmware code, Microcode of the drive and part number should be matching for swapping purpose, special firmware recovery tool and reader to read the electronic board components which contains firmware in embedded MCU chipset. Without having the original firmware codes and original board readings, the data recovery is impossible on the hard drives. Lot of customers do buy the spare pcb board online or purchase it from hard disk pcb board donors online and assemble in the hard drive and try to do R&D themselves, later the drive either go into further damages or will not get recovered.

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