Follow the below steps for taking approval from seagate for Warranty Replacement:

Process 1:

Check your Seagate Hard Drive Warranty Status at:
Enter your hard disk Serial No S/N in the website & later it shows the Date of Warranty Expiry.

Process 2:

Get Data Recovery Approval / Confirmation for Warranty From Seagate.
Go to Seagate hard drive replacement Website in India:
Seagate Online Warranty Management System Website

Step1: Select “Seagate” and click here option to proceed.
Click on “Mandatory Customer Registration” – Register with ID, password, email ID, address and other details. You will receive the email with the ID and Password.

Step2: Click on “Data Recovery” & register the product by providing ( Serial No / S/N ) & ( Part No / PN ) written on the hard disk external casing or label.
Note: Website shows the Model no. to be entered, Enter the Part No. P/N & search to get the Model No. automatically.

Step3: After data recovery, Click on “Mandatory Temporary Call ID Generation” and get ID for replacement purpose.
Walk-in to the “InspiriSys Solutions Limited / Accel Frontline Services Ltd” (Seagate Service Center in India) and get the warranty replacement with the data recovery letterhead from our site for data recovery procedure and process that we have done on the hard drive.

Process 3:

Contact Details of Seagate Customer Support :
Check for Location & contact details of your nearest Seagate Service Center
Indian Seagate Service Center Number: 1800-425-4535, 080-41129213, 080-41129214
International / Singapore Seagate Service Center : 0008-004-401-392

Seagate Bangalore Service Center and replacement Center / Office: 080-40870019, 080-40870018, 080-41228700

Contact Now Data Recovery Services for Data Recovery from any Seagate warranty and non-warranty hard drives.

Note: The information provided is for educational purpose only. Use the information as per the requirement. We are not responsible for any actions that are taken seagate for your media. We are purely into data recovery company who can support for data recovery from your hard drive with reasonable charges.