BitLocker is a security feature in which you can protect your data in computer file system. When the drive is encrypted nobody can access your data. In order to access the data, the user must enter the credentials only then he can proceed further. BitLocker also works on removable storage media devices. Hard drives are encrypted with Bit-locker Encryption in higher versions of windows such has in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 provided by Microsoft. The BitLocker Encrypted hard drives are created with “Encryption Password” / “User Password” & “Encryption Key / Recovery Key” which can be stored in system memory or pen drive if the user has created a backup of the same. Our BitLocker data recovery services are the expert solution that we provide for Encrypted hard drives and flash drives.

Bitlocker Encryption Recovery

Bitlocker Encryption Recovery

The drives are prone to failures due to logical or hardware related or physical errors. Even if the drives are detected in the computer, the data from the disk will not be accessible due to multiple issues in either the hardware or physical failure in the drive or due to BitLocker issues.

Bit-Locker drive data recovery is possible from our data recovery methods even if it has logical, firmware or physical issues on the hard disk if the BitLocker password is known or recovery key is known. Because if the Bit Locker password or the recovery key is unknown we need to use brute-force attacks, which might take ages to recovery or break the same recovery key and get the password.

Bitlocker encrypted hard drive data recovery

Bitlocker encrypted hard drive data recovery

Bit-Locker Data Recovery is Necessary For the Following Corruption Types:

1) Drive with detection, when password is entered, the OS could not able to access the partition.

2) Drive with detection, asking for format the disk without showing the bit-locker password screen.

3) Drive with detection, having lot of bad sectors, CRC or I/O Errors & slow reading & hence operating system could not decrypt.

4) Drives half encrypted, during the encryption process, the process gets shut down due to power issues, hard drive issues, disk eject, blue screen errors or any other external conditions including abrupt termination.

5) Drives with half decrypted after user has started the decryption process, could not continue the process due to errors in the hard disk.

6) Error messages like “parameter are incorrect, cannot access file”, “Drive is inaccessible”, “Format the Disk”, “Unable to Lock or Unlock the Drives” & “couldn’t find target system drive”…

7) Bit Locker disk recovery services for failed to fix the boot sector because metadata is not aligned to a cluster boundary, Error Codes: 0x80310052, 0x8031004A… data retrieval will be possible from the same.

6) Hard Disk without detection due to firmware or Busy errors.

7) Hard Disk without detection due to physical issues.

8) Disk without detection with clicking noise & grinding noise & media damage can be recovered using our proprietary technology.

Bit Locker Encryption Data Recovery

Bit Locker Encryption Recovery

 Our Recent Success Story with Half Encrypted bit-locker hard drive recovery.

The disk has to be maintained without doing any further decryption or encryption when the error occurred. The disk should not be formatted or re-partitioned. Do not run “CHK-DSK” or “SCAN DSIK” on the drive which is failing.

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