Tally Data Recovery

Tally is basically a computer tool used accounting software in India, Tally is a through Accounting, Taxation, Inventory, and Payroll solution software with constant updates and every now and then fresh new features, Tally has become a complete Enterprise Resource Planning program as it is capable to do accounting tasks, billing work, banking job, sales work and also able to do inventory, profit analysis tasks, taxation (GST, TDS, VAT, and TCS) and reporting as well.

The Following are Some of the Reasons for Tally Backup Getting Corrupted:

  1. Power Failure/Power Surge.
  2. Unexpected System Shutdown.
  3. Virus Attacks, Media Corruption.
  4. OS Corruption.
  5. Hard Drive Crashes.
  6. Bad Sectors.
  7. Tally ERP 9 files with error code 32.

Tally Data Recovery Tally Data Recovery

As Accounting data is very important for its users, it is being the leading accounting software company of India incorporates many inbuilt protections to protect the data from getting corrupted, Anyhow information can still get corrupted and it provides easy options to recover it.

Why Tally Backup Gets Corrupted?

While working on tally power goes off and UPS is unable to give backup. Next time you would open tally the company in which you were working get corrupted. The computer on which you are working in not operative and OS is not working properly. Somebody formatted it. You have taken so many backups by copying the tally folder in so many placed that you forget which were to an original one. You have taken a backup and you try to resolve it data is washed out.

Precautions to avoid Tally Backup Data Getting Corrupted:

  1. Practice taking the backup of your critical information on a regular basis. Be almost religious in this practice. Make a habit in fact!
  2. If you want to save yourself from such mishap, then it is suggested and highly recommended that you must avoid the use of multiple application versions simultaneously.
  3. Always it’s a point to make one particular folder for saving its data.
  4. Another tip to avert the chances of data loss or corruption while dealing with Tally data is to make use proper UPS power backup whenever you are working on your computer.
  5. Try giving a name to your backup folder in such a way that the name is either based on the month or on the day. Month-wise folder naming or day-wise naming of backup folder would always help you in adverse situations to extract the information as per your requirement at that time.

The Solution for Tally Data Recovery

We will provide all Tally Data recovery criteria for your backup, It may be from your Hard Disk or Systems. We have standardized tools and procedures to follow for Tally data retrieval. Clients have to provide us with the folder for complete data recovery. A genuine price is quoted for the services such as AMC, debugging and migrations of multi recovery. The company does not share or keep external data in our Database for any unethical practice; we follow our company policy, once after the data is delivered to the customer we will destroy your whole data from our servers permanently. Tally backup data is very important for individuals and organizations alike.

Tally ERP 9 Data Recovery Tally ERP 9 Data Recovery

It is leading software used for accounting and it offers in build protection to prevent backup loss as all information regarding the business like balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, Yearly financial transactions and records are recorded and stored in Tally backup. Well, you don’t need to worry about lost files or corrupted backup as we at Now Data Recovery are committed for the tally data recovery of your corrupted backup. Our professionals are expert in recovering any kind of tally data recovery of any versions such as Tally 4.0, Tally 4.5, Tally 5.0, Tally 5.4, Tally 6.3, Tally 7.0, Tally 7.2, Tally 8.1, Tally ERP 9.0 etc. And the latest version of Tally ERP version 9 which is widely used across India, can also be recovered in our data recovery company. We have latest tools and techniques to extract the tally data from your damaged hard drive or storage media. Data Recovery Process is performed in a 100% clean room lab environment.

Adequate Tally data recovery knowledge and expertise are required for each and every case of data loss. Now Data Recovery engineers at our place work round-the-clock rapidly and faultless recover corrupted accounting information. Irrespective of any type of damage or corruption. At our data recovery company we use specialized hardware and software tools to perform accurate Tally data recovery. The highly skilled experienced and technological workforce at Now Data Recovery has successfully overcome complex data recovery conditions to recover in its original readable format. Safest and fastest, Tally data recovery service is our motto at Now Data Recovery. We provide free consultation for your problem and help you how to reduce the risk of data loss. Our data recovery cost depends on the problem in the storage media. According to the problem quotation will be provided to the customer/client.

For more information about our Tally Data Recovery Services Please contact us or mail us to info@nowdatarecovery.com