Western Digital Data Recovery from USB Hard Drive: Water Damaged

Western Digital Data Recovery from USB Hard Drive: Water Damaged


My Passport Western Digital hard drive was damaged since it was drowned. The hard drive was Western digital USB WD10JMVW, which is a popularly available model in portable 1 TB WD USB disk. The hard drive was dried immediately, but due to the accumulation of salt particles and minerals on the surface, the hard drive was non-readable. The client had connected the hard drive to USB port to check for readings, but the drive was not getting detected in any system. The ocean water is mixed with Salt and Minerals which corroded the PCB board and the metal surface of the upper and the lower parts of the hard drive, thereby damaging the PCB board, connectors of the head and the terminal which connects between PCB board and read-write head, the motor contacts. The water had entered the sealed media as well.


Data Recovery from Western Digital USB water damaged hard drive

Our experts in water damaged hard drives took over the job. The readings from damaged PCB board was taken using our Data recovery tools and replaced with new PCB board and applying firmware readings. The media is operated in clean room laboratory and found that the platter surface was safe enough to work with minor damages. The water particles were drained from the hard drive internals. The motor was damaged, hence we have adopted platter shifting into another working drive of the same model and version.

The read-write head is being replaced with working read-write head of the same month of manufactured Western Digital WD10JMVW hard drive and data recovery process was initiated. The hard drive is taken into advanced Data recovery methods like corrections of the codes, taking disk and platter images from safe platters first and multiple retrials from bad platter surfaces. After merging the results from 4 platter surfaces, 28 days of continuous work on the disk has resulted in 82% of data recovery from the drive. Personal videos and photographs were major contents on the hard drive. The customer was extremely happy to receive his lost data which had great emotional value and official data too.


Media: Western Digital 1 TB USB Hard Drive WD10JMVW-11AJGS0

Recovery Percentage: 82%

Time Taken: 28 Working Days.

Clients response: I did not expect my hard drive to get recovered with this extreme failure, Happy by seeing my stored memory and data.

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