VMware Deleted RAID 5 Data Recovery

VMware Deleted RAID 5 Data Recovery

VMware_Server_deleted data recovery

VMware_Server_deleted data recovery

VMware server (Virtual Machine server) was crashed due to Server reset after multiple power fluctuations in clients location, the server newly created a “VMDK” partition by deleting the old version / previous contents in the environment.

The VMware data recovery (VDR) data recovery application could not get the files due to RAID 5, 6 TB array failure and overwritten partition and data information.

The customer required 14 of the VM’s (Virtual Machine’s) to be in working condition and data inside each VM’s, outlook and important document files was the requirement which is of highest priority and urgent for business operations. Losing data for longer time and without recovery will yeild to further business loss.

The work was started from rebuilding the RAID 5 architecture with original combination of hard drives, parity of each hard drives were understood for rebuilding process. First level we have rebuilded the RAID and on Second level the VMDK architecture was found successfully which was overwritten with new architecture. The automatically deleted VM’s were found by scanning process using our technology and are recovered, hence the data from each VM’s were extracted seperately with files and folders, submitted to the client.

Our technical experts have worked for 4 days, 24/7 monitoring with express recovery option for business continuity.

Media: EMC Square Virtual Machine. 6 TB Storage RAID 5 Array 4 Bay.

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Time Taken: 4 Working Days.

Company response: Express recovery solution was provided which was mission critical for our business.

Company Name: TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd.

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