RAID 5 or Redundant Array is also known as RAID 5+0 consists of Block-level Striping with distributed parties. Here Data is striped at block level when you save files to RAID 5 array. We at Now Data specialize in RAID 5 data recovery services.  Array does not backup the data, but it stripes data to each hard drive with parity information distributing among the drives. It provides a great balance between storage capacity, array performance and data integrity that is not found in other RAID levels. Raid 5 Arrays are mostly used in data warehouse solutions, small and medium enterprises and NAS Box.

Minimum Three Drives are required to build a Raid 5 Array. When you increase the number of disks in Server, you also increase the probability of failure as more than one disk can fail at the same time. RAID 5 implementations are liable for system failures because of trends regarding array rebuild time and the chance of drive failure during rebuild. Suppose one Disk get corrupted, you can restore data from the distributed parity when the other drivers have proper information, so you will not lose any data upon failure of one disk drive in RAID 5.

Reasons for Raid 5 Array Failures:

  • Operator / Human Errors
  • Controller or Software Failures.
  • Failure of one or several member disks.
  • Failure not associated with the member disks.
  • A foreign configuration of the disks or Not-Initialized status in the server.
  • Many other Failures which are also common for the failure of standard hard disks, such as logical, as well as firmware issues, Bad sectors or physically damaged drives.
  • Bad sectors on one drive, this can harm the entire array.
  • Failing R/W heads on the hard drive.
  • Environmental Failures due to overheating, water damages or natural disasters.

For all these failures, Now Data Recovery engineers show you best results to regain lost data. We help you in recovering different types of files such as important documents, emails, Excel files & folders etc. We have experts who can recover any kind of data in RAID arrays. Also the data recovery process will be in done in 100% clean room lab.

Our Raid 5 Data Recovery Procedure:

The following progress indications of our data recovery procedure:

  • Evaluation of RAID Array by Analyzing in our Lab.
  • After the Diagnosis process, we check the Parity, if it needs to, we reconstruct missing RAID 5 drive members.
  • After Checking the parity in the array, next we scan the member disks. In this process, the structure of the file systems and data files are identified.
  • Next, we read the sequence numbers and mark the objects as Worth Attention and read the complete array again and processed.
  • Once the process gets completes, we calculate the size of the stripes and reference tables. Here we reconstruct the complete array and retrieve back your data.

Note: 100% Data confidentiality is maintained in our Data Recovery lab.

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