Got a Failed SAN Storage Device, Call us for Expert SAN Data Recovery Services. We recover lost data from your failed Storage Device. SAN is defined as Storage Area Network. It is a one of the high-speed NAS – network storage devices that directly communicate with servers. Here the Servers are directly connected to the network to access the applications. Hence it is a Block level storage system. Disk-Based Arrays, Raid Servers and Tape libraries are the examples of SAN Storage devices.

SAN Enterprise Storage Data Recovery
SAN Enterprise Storage Data Recovery

In the case of Organizations and industries, Storage systems are used to store the important data which are named as Reliable network storage devices. SAN is also known as Enterprise & Business storage, and it uses Fiber and ISCSI protocols for the transfer the information over networks, it connects remote targets such as disk drives on a network for block level Input/Output.

SAN system rarely experiences a complete System failure. If one component failure occurs in the system, it will affect the complete storage system failure and it is a quite complex to recover the SAN architecture. The failure of storage network system can completely cripple a business & organization. In such situations, Now Data Recovery Services help your business secure the valuable business information to all your SAN mass storage boxes.

SAN Network Storage Data Recovery
SAN Network Storage Data Recovery

SAN Data Recovery from Storage Systems Failures:

Like any computer hardware, SAN devices can fail, regardless of the quality of its components or its redundant configuration. Storage Area Network Storage system failures can be caused by due to:

  • Single or Multiple Hard Drive Failure in RAID
  • Failed Operating Systems or software’s
  • Mechanical Failure (Clicking or Buzzing noises) in drives
  • Virus/Malware Attacks
  • System Crash /Corruptions
  • Accidental Deletion of Data or Formation of NAS Volume
  • Physical Damage (Fire, Water, Smoke, Etc.)
  • Power Surges
  • Data Could Not Be Viewed Due to Security System Failure
  • Deletion of LUN and Virtual snapshots

Whatever the cause of your hardware failure and data loss, in almost every case above, it is entirely possible to recover the data with a success rate in our labs of more than 90% of the cases.

SAN Storage Data Recovery
SAN Storage Data Recovery

SAN Storage Area Network Data Recovery Services for all Brands:

Our Experts are specialized in data recovery from SAN Servers of all most of popular brands like:

  • EMC2 SAN
  • Hitachi
  • Snap Server
  • HP
  • Storevault
  • Netapps
  • DELL
  • IBM
  • FortuSAN
  • Intel
  • D-Link
  • Lenovo
  • QNAP
  • Seagate
  • Western Digital

TIPS: Whatever the cause of your SAN hardware failure and data loss, this is what you should do:

Follow Below Steps to Avoid Additional SAN Server Failure:

  • Don’t worry, the data recovery is possible in the worst condition.
  • Switch off the affected computer hardware.
  • Do not attempt DIY recovery in the failed device.
  • Do not interchange any of the drives in the array.
SAN Data Recovery
SAN Data Recovery

Contact us for SAN Data Recovery Solutions:

SAN failures require immediate Recovery. You need Fast & Professional results. A Better Process for SAN Data Recovery, speak with our Storage Area Network engineer who will let you know the problem of your network and give you a better solution.

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