Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is a storage device connected to a Desktop in the same way as an external hard drive – either it can be ATA, SATA, SAS, USB, or Thunderbolt drives. Our Expert team can handle any DAS data recovery. DAS unit uses a file system a host PC can provide drivers. The file system of the DAS is defined and controlled by the operating system of the PC the DAS is connected to via application or software.

A DAS provides a direct access to its disks in term of sectors, just like an internal hard disk does. DAS (Direct Attached Storage) is a mass storage device which directly connected to a computer. It may be a single hard disk or multiple disk array. DAS storage systems are used where large amounts of data must be managed easily and conveniently. Especially in public sectors, business and on the Internet these storage devices play an important role. Large database systems can be using the solution in many cases to the individual data to spend and safely retain in a single unit.

Dell Storage DAS Data Recovery
Dell Storage DAS Data Recovery

Common Types of Storage Systems Failures in DAS Data Recovery:

Physical FailureUser ErrorLogical Failure
Multiple drive failureDeleted dataVirus/Malware attacks
Raid Controller CardReformatted array/DrivesDirectory structure damage
Physical RAID failureIncorrect replacement of drivesDamaged files and folders
Ram FailureAccidental InitializationRegistry configuration
Failed motherboardFailed backplaneRAID configuration problem
Electrical FailureDrives offlineOS corruption
Bad sectorsNatural disastersPhysical drive failure

Unexpected failure may cause data inaccessibility or even data loss. Often this occurs between data backups or on data that has no backup at all. Utilizing proprietary data recovery technology, our data recovery specialists will recover the data you need in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner. We have established a level of expertise in DAS data recovery that is unparalleled by even the manufacturers of the systems that we recover data from.

DAS Data Recovery Services for all Brands:

Our Experts are specialized in data recovery from NAS Servers of all most of popular brands like:

  • EMC
  • Dell
  • D-Link
  • FortuDAS
  • Free DAS
  • Hitachi
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Lenovo
  • Netapps
  • QNAP
  • Seagate
  • Snap Server
  • Storevault
  • Western Digital

Now Data for DAS Data Recovery to all RAID Servers:

Our Data Recovery engineers are well trained and experts in the handling of any type of critical failure in DAS Servers. We can safely return back your data. Our combination of custom firmware and most experience means we do not need your hardware or your server to perform data recovery on your DAS storage system. We only need the drives from the sub-system. You can keep the External tray, rails, connectors and miscellaneous hardware. This allows you to replace the drives and start the rebuilding process while we recover the data from the originals. You no longer have to wait to get your equipment back.

Contact Our DAS Data Recovery Experts:

Call us and speak with our data recovery expert to know the condition of your failed server, our data recovery procedure and also they will provide you with helpful tips for further data loss.

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