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Why Choose a Expert Data Recovery Company

Why Choose Now Data Recovery

  1. Quick, Professional & Cost effective recovery
  2. 100% Confidential & Secure
  3. Rated Top 3 in All India.
  4. Class 100 Clean Room Lab
  5. In-House R & D Team with Latest Technology
  6. Highest Success Rate > 97%
  7. No Recovery No Charges
  8. More than 15000 Donor Drives in stock
  9. Exact Folder structure recovery
  10. Warranty frendly service

Our Corporate Clients

Now Data Recovery is the trusted partner for more than 450+ Companies & Govt. Sectors & 700+ Top IT or Computer Vendors across India

More than 2500+ Photographers & Videographers

25000+ Drives Successfully recovered for End-Customers

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Read more of our customer feedback about Quality of service, accuracy on recovered data, on-time delivery of important / priority information, regular communication throughout the process, express recovery for business needs and reliability of our service from beginning to support after data recovery process.

Data Recovery Services We Offer

Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

If your laptop hard drive got crashed or not in detection then our data recovery company can help you to recover data, Contact Now data team for laptop hard drive data recovery services for better results!

Data Recovery

Portable USB Recovery

Portable USB Recovery

Portable or external hard drive data recovery are crucial nowadays, as they External USB drives are frequently used for Business, Travelers and end users.

Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Drives (SSD’s) are being popular due to robust performance and its reliable usage. But the drive also prone to errors due to electrical shock, over voltage, electronic component wear and tear, CRC errors or bad sector formation due to diode electron read and write do fail by time.

Data Recovery

Memory Card Recovery

Server RAID Recovery

We offer Expert RAID Data Recovery services in Bangalore & India. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. A Group of hard drives, that forms a logical unit & work together to reduce the chance of data loss (depending on the type of configuration).

NAS / SAN Recovery

NAS Box is business and personal Storage unit, we provide best data recovery results from failed NAS storage unit with any configuration.

Data Recovery

Encryption Recovery

Encryption Recovery

Encrypting File System is generally used for files that contain private and sensitive information. Most of the organizations like IT companies, business people, accountancy, company secrets and institutions use encryption to protect sensitive data.

Data Recovery

Drive Imaging Service

Drive Imaging Service

The Hard drive imaging or duplication is the technique to transfer bit by bit information from the working or damaged hard drive for tasks which are used for mission critical usage.

Now Data Recovery is Professional Data Recovery Service Provider in Bangalore India

With 10+ Years of Experience & Expertise

  • At Now Data Recovery, we believe in providing Fast, Cost Effective & Professional Data Recovery Services for our clients in Bangalore, Karnataka & all India.
  • With over 10+ years of Experience and Expertise in handling recovery cases starting from 200 MB old hard drives to latest 16 TB Drives and multiple hard disk’s in Servers up-to 250 TB.
  • We Provide Data Recovery Services for Desktop Computer PC / Mac Hard Disk Data Recovery, Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery, SSD Solid State Drive Data Recovery, Portable USB or External Hard Drive Recovery, Encryption Recovery from Hard Drive or SSD’s, Server Data Recovery & RAID Recovery from Storage Array’s.
  • Recovery from any kind of file formats weather it is Photo / Image Data Recovery, Video Recovery, Audio Data Recovery, Tally Data Recovery, File Repair & Data Extraction, CCTV / DVR or Encrypted Drives & file formats Recovery.
  • We adopt new scientific and unique data recovery process for each data storage solution. Hard Drive & SSD restoration involves a deep knowledge about Storage and Expertise in data extraction services, Using our latest & advanced data extraction tools and techniques. During data crash or crisis, step by step methods will be adapted by us to extract lost and damaged information.
  • Our Technical Engineers are experts in handling crashed or in-accessible hard disk’s & handle failures ranging from Logical Data Recovery like deleted and formatted, Electronic failure or PCB board damages recovery, Firmware Codes Restoration, CRC & I/O errors, Bad sectors / Disk Errors RecoveryPhysically Damaged drive data recovery. Experts in our company ensure every bit of data is extracted and restored from damaged media either its Hard disk or SSD, even new data recovery cases like firmware locking and SA not accessible drives are being successfully restored
  • We guarantee your data recovery, by being data recovery industry leaders, we use Best International Industry Standards in our ISO 5 Certified 100 Clean Room Lab Recovery Environment & Best-in-class data recovery tools in Bangalore India with Latest equipment’s to handle each model of hard drives.
  • We assure 98% and above Data Accuracy with more than 25000+ hard drives serviced so far, which sums up to be the best success rate compared to top data recovery providers in the industry.

Now Data Recovery Process

Success Ratio & Client List

About Our Data Recovery Company

Our belief is that the Recovery is always possible with Expert approach

  • With our confidentiality policy, your data is 100% Confidential, Safe & Secure.The same level of data security and confidentiality is maintained for Corporate clients, Government Divisions, IT service providers and End-user.
  • We provide Free Pickup and delivery of the media from your location in Bangalore if your location is not near by and Free courier services for all India.
  • We handle Hard Drive Brands like: Seagate Data Recovery, WD Western Digital Data Recovery, Toshiba Hard Disk Recovery, Hitachi / HGST Hard Disk Recovery, Samsung Hard Disk & SSD, Transcend, Sony, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Iomega, IBM, Fujitsu, Compaq, Synology, Acer, Maxtor, Buffalo, LG, Netapp, Kingston, Quantum and other brands of Hard Disk and SSD data recovery services
  • IT Vendors or Computer Shops from various major city like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and various parts of India trust us for their client’s storage recovery. The drive can be shipped to us via courier or you can outsource to us than choosing nearest computer shops. you can follow the courier instructions.
  • A detailed screenshot of retrieved data will be provided for cross verification after completion. For outstation customers we provide the remote checking option across the India & Globe.
  • Our Company Provides Consultation on basic storage issues & future data crisis, Data Storage Solutions and Data Backup and Recovery services in Bangalore and we suggest software’s for data backup solution for servers. We also provide security consultation on data storage solutions.
  • We also support on solutions for any data storage like backup and restoration to avoid any future data crash in Personal and Enterprise Drives.

Data Recovery Cost / Price-List

Level 1 : Logical Recovery

  • Deleted Data
  • Formatted Data
  • Partition Loss
  • Owerwritten Data
  • 1 to 2 Days

Rs. 2000 to 3000


Level 2 : Hardware Recovery

  • PCB Damages
  • CRC Errors
  • Bad Sectors
  • Firmware Issues
  • 2 to 5 Days

Rs. 3000 to 8000


Level 3 : Physical Recovery

  • Motor Issues
  • Clicking Noise
  • Scratching Noise
  • Grinding Noise
  • 5 to 15 Days

Rs. 8000 & Above


RAID & Server

  • Controller Failures
  • Array Failure
  • Drive Failures
  • Logical Issues
  • 2 to 15 Days

Rs. 12000 & Above


Our Data Recovery Company Success Story

We Begin the Data Recovery Process Where Other Companies Lose Hope or Just Give-Up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1What is Data Recovery Services ?

The data recovery is the process of extracting inaccessible data from a storage media or devices caused by a vast array of data loss due to human error, accidental formatting, virus attacks, data corruption, software problem and so on. The data recovery is required if the same copy of information is not available in any other storage like hard drives, ssd and memory cards.

2 What should I do if i just lost my data ?

The most important thing to do is to stop using the damaged media. If the damaged item is a hard disk or ssd, continuing to use it can lead to more severe damage from the heads scraping the platters, this can make the recovery process very hard if not possible at all. Bring it in to us, where we can take a look and provide you with an exact evaluation prior to any work being carried.

3When can professional data recovery company help ?

The storage drives are not accessible or data is not showing in the readable format we would need the help of Experts than near-me shops to handle the drive and extract information. Ex. these are the following issues or kinds of damages expected in the storage drives like deleted, crashed, inaccessible, burnt, physical issues and others.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Data Recovery from Damaged External Hard Disk

Actually I saved all photos and my personal data in Seagate External Hard disk. It was a fall from some height and the data was not able read from it. I met Mr. Prashanth and he promised that he will recover 90% of my data but i got more than 98% back safely.

As he promised he recovered more than 98% data and within a specified time.

Mallanna Belakoppad

98% data extraction from damaged external hard drive, Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka India

Western Digital 2 TB USB My Passport Data Recovery

Hi, am arvind from Hyderabad. As soon as I arrived to this company i submitted my hard drive, they understood what I needed & they analysed my hard drive within 2 hrs and gave me a best quotation. They took this case on priority basis and recovered all my data from the damage hard disk. I will surely refer to all my friends.

Thanyou Team

Aravind Nayak

Western Digital 2 TB USB My Passport, Hyderabad, India

Physical Damage Drive Recovery

My portable drive was fell from 1st floor building during office shifting, the external drive casing got broken and drive started creating weird noises whenever connected, was no hope in recovering my important data. I have given it to local Chennai data retrieval center, but they could not do much on the drive. One of my business colleague suggested for now data recovery, they gave their best and all my data is safe now, happy to seem my important and priority data got recovered in short period of time which i thought it is lost forever.

Kudos to Now Data.. !!


Physically damaged hard drive recovery, Chennai, India

Western Digital 1 TB USB HDD

My WD passport 1 TB failed. Very nice work at reasonable price. I got 800 GB of my data recovered and I am very happy with the entire process. Now data recovery maintained a very professional approach and were very efficient. Do recommend this place for any kind of recovery.

Hem Pushp Mittal

Western Digital 1 TB USB My Passport Hard Drive, Mumbai, India

Damaged & Corrupted Memory Card Data Recovery

I went to Now Data company with a broken SD card which had video files on it.
Amazingly the team managed to recover all the files within a day!
The service was excellent but what I was struck by their pricing.
It is one of those services that can play on people’s desperation and charge accordingly but the team doesn’t waver from the rates they quote in the beginning. This sort of professionalism is a treat and the foundation of my trust in their services!
Thanks guys!

Rumah Rasaque

Damaged & corrupted memory card recovery, Jayanagar, Bangalore, India

Data Recovery in Mangalore for Hard Drives

I got the quote from 3 companies, so i chose now data company as they have provided reasonable quote & express retrieval. Thank you for the support, i will definitely recommend my friends if they get any data loss issues in there storage media in Mangalore.

Arbaaz Khan

Data recovery in Mangalore, Mangaluru, Karnataka India

NAS Box Data Recovery

NAS Storage box was damaged due to power failure & controller burn. Our office backup was stored entirely in NAS box storage, All important data was backed-up from these guys, thanks for the quick support guys.

Nagesh K

NAS Box successful data recovery, Bellandur, Bangalore

Data Recovery from Crashed Hard Drive

Great service. My friend referred me this company. They recovered the entire 1 TB hard disk was done flawless. Customer treatment was good and friendly staff.

Jayaprakash J P

Data Recovery from Crashed Hard Drive, Hennur Road, Bangalore India

Quick RAID 1 Array Data Recovery

During Office Shifting, Our RAID 1 Array with 2 hard disk has been crashed due to one of the non-working hard disk. We had a quick office visit & recovery is done on-site with reasonable price.

Saved my day & additional work of submitting hard disk for expensive recovery companies.


Quick RAID 1 Array Data Recovery, DNA Consulting India Pvt Ltd, Ulsoor, M G Road, Bangalore

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Account department hard disk crashed due to some problem. First we submitted to our AMC guys for recovering the data, they have tried with third parties which took 15 days & do nothing at the end.

We found the required technical information from this recovery center by first phone call & then submitted the hard disk for testing. We got our data back within 3 days. All our important Tally Data was back and saved our entire accounting data work.


Media Error Recovery, Drapes Avenue, Shivaji Nagar, M G Road, Bangalore

RAID 6 Array Failure Recovery From Enterprise Server

Company server was down due to many power failures, 3 of the hard drives out of 12 disks in RAID 6 was damaged and offline. After calling for support from various vendors and AMC providers, the server issue was not resolved. Thanks for the onsite analysis by now data team and our server is up, running after recovery. We dint even install the operating system nor new RAID 6 configuration or any other work, the team has helped us to restore the complete server for business continuity.


RAID 6 array Failure Recovery from Enterprise Server, Strategic India Pvt Ltd, Koramangala, Bangalore

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

I had dropped my laptop with my external storage device attached. The drive was damaged, I could no longer open my files, nobody else was able to help in our IT department. Later i called to Now data recovery center, they explained me the whole process about the data extraction which would not be easy to recover from physical damage. After submission they kept informing me about the progress and at last successfully retrieved! All my files, videos, pictures, documents, spread sheets were accessible to me again.

Highly recommended. Probably the best service that i have decided to get my job done.

Bharath Royal

External hard drive recovery, Whitefiled, Bangalore

Excellent Service in Extracting My Lost Data

Excellent service at affordable price. The pick up and delivery option helped immensely. One of my close friend recommended me now data recovery company.

So, i contacted them and inquired, they have completed the process by pickup & delivery and backup of my hard drive was delivered with complete data.

Lakshmi Narasimham G

Excellent Service in extracting my lost data, Whitefield, Bangalore India

RAID 0-1 Data Recovery

We have a server with “RAID 0-1” configured, which does not get auto-rebuilt due to hard disk failure. Employees were granted leave for a day due to downtime in main server. Within 4 hours now data technician was there in our location helping out for recovery, 12 Hours of continuous work, the data was out from the server which was important for our day to day auto-cad designs. We appreciate onsite support for business continuity.


RAID 0-1 Data Recovery, Perspective HD, Hebbal, Bangalore India

Data Recovery Of Technical Business

Customer friendly service. A technical business that is done really well. I had saved many years of my data safely in my hard disk and it got formatted accidentally. Fabulous work done by now data team..!! Highly recommended.

Sripavan KN

Technical business done well in getting my data back, Varthur Hobli, Bangalore India

Western Digital 2 TB Desktop Bad Sector Recovery

Simply superb service… recovered my hard disk data which got damaged. The hard drive was hanging completely during the data copy and i could not copy any data. The video shooting was recovered without a single loss of data. Even the videos were repaired with proper playable condition

Raghuram Reddy

Western Digital 2 TB Desktop Bad Sector Recovery, Kolar, Karnataka India

500 GB Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery from Motor Damages

Kudos to the now data team for this wonderful job. Prices are also reasonable as compared to other companies and i hope that you will maintain the same service and pricing in future too. (in economic range). They even provide pickup and drop service which is an awesome option for the people who does not have time.

Ravi Chauhan

500 GB Seagate hard drive data recovery from motor damages, J. P. Nagar, Bangalore, India

RAID 5 Recovery Services

We had lot of data stored in raid 5 array which was of more than 6 years old. Hard disk got into failure one by one without any reason. when we tried to rebuild the array with new hard disk it was not possible.

The data was very much important and were not ready to lose it, hence decided to go further with recovery. After getting 5 samples of data with different configuration, entire data was rebuilt & repaired. Thanks for the technical support on every step of recovery process.


RAID 5 Array Server Data Recovery, M G Road, Bangalore India

Kannada Movie Recovery from Damaged WD Hard Drive

Our Movie was under editing in studio, due to high voltage & short circuit our hard disk got burnt with smoke coming out of it. We dint had any double backup of the 2 months work, Thanks for the Now data recovery team for recovering the data without any loss of files from the whole hard disk.


Kannada Movie Director, Kannada Movie Recovery from damaged WD hard drive, Gandhi Nagar, Majestic Bangalore India

Seagate Data Recovery

Actually I saved all photographs and personal data in external hard drive. Accidentally i dropped my drive from the table and later when i tried to access the data i could not access it and it was coming with strange noise inside. Later I found this company on internet and explained the issues with Mr. Prashanth. He promised me that he can recover the data. so, as per the promise he recovered all my data at an affordable price.


Seagate hard drive external drive recovery, HSR layout, Bangalore India

Seagate 500 GB Desktop Hard Disk Data Recovery

Technical team is knowledgeable, got my data back in 3 days, excellent service, I can finish my thesis without in time frame now. Thank you for the team efforts.

Keerthi Kushi

Seagate 500 GB hard disk data Recovery, K R Puram, Bangalore

Western Digital Linux Hard Disk Recovery

I am Student from Tata institute Bangalore, my college desktop drive was not accessible in Linux due to failure to boot Ubuntu. Hard disk was not visible in any system and thesis and project reports were stuck in the desktop hard disk and my pen drive backup was also formatted and used for other purpose.

I almost lost hopes and started to re-work on the thesis, which needed to be submitted in 4 days. My friend suggested this place and they took my case has a priority basis and completed there work process within 2 days. My project preparation went on good somehow. I;m happy to see my data got recovered on time and thanks for the support, You guys saved my final year.


Western Digital Linux hard drive recovery, Tata institute of fundamental research, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Samsung Hard Drive Media Level Issue

My hard drive was 40 GB and was using it for more than 7 years, all my important data was stuck in the drive, suddenly the disk was creating clicking noise after power surge. Hence i visited this company and Hopefully I got all my data back. I would like to thank for good & professional service offered in recovering my hard disk data.

Athiratha k m

40 GB Samsung Drive Media Level Issue, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Data Recovery From Seagate Desktop Hard Drive

These guys are just awesome, i got the entire data back when the manufacturer’s warranty gave up… that too at very affordable rate.
Keep it up guys.

Kodavanti ankur

Data Recovery from Seagate Desktop Hard Drive, Murugesh palya, Bangalore, India

Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

I had lost all of my graduation day photos when my hard drive suddenly crashed last month. I went to several computer places but they couldn’t retrieve my data. Then i went to now data recovery services, they retrieved everything I needed at a very good & affordable price and with good service. Thank you

venu madhavi m

Laptop data retrieval service, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Data Overwritten After OS Installation

I have a Dell Laptop which i tried to re-install OS, i had 4 drives in it & formatted it into one & then installed OS. Again i created 4 partitions, later i remembered that one of the important office data was in one of the drive, again formatted the complete drive into one partition & tried to recover with some software but was not possible. My condition was so critical that i wanted it very badly. I approached now data company. After 2 days of work from these guys, they recovered my data with folders & files exactly as it was like before, no words to express my gratitude to them.

Thanks team.

Harsha Vardhan

Data Overwritten after OS installation, Chennai, India

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery

Very much satisfied with the service and reasonable price. I appreciate there work and now data is a trust worthy company for all kinds of hard drive failure. You can blindly trust them and get your data recovered at an cost effective price

Giri Prakash M K

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery, Domlur, Bangalore India

Memory Card Recovery

My marriage photos were lost due to my photographer assistant had pulled out 2 gb memory card out of digital camera without switching off the camera., the whole memory card got flashed & it was not detectable in my computer, you cant imagine that i had spent 6 months without a single copy of my marriage photographs with me.

I searched for data recovery guys in Bangalore with calling them up.. most of them were not knowledgeable and i dint get trust on them. And for memory card there were less in number & they are costly too, so i called now data recovery to get my data back, after they received my memory card, they sent me an email & within 3 hrs of time they shared one of the sample photo which was recovered. After my confirmation, they recovered entire data within 4 hrs & called me up to pickup the data. Very Professional & Cost effective & these guys have good technical knowledge and well experience in handling any case.


Memory Card data Recovery, Vidyaranyapuram, Bangalore

Western Digital 500 GB USB Data Recovery

My hard disk was completely dead. I went for many top data recovery centers but there charges was touching to sky. But in Now Data i felt there charges were affordable, hence i gave my hard drive here and got all my data back safely. They nearly recovered 100% of my data and they are maintaining good quality work.. Excellent… Thanks to the team.

Angadh Dusanapudi

Western Digital 500 GB USB Data Retrieval, Banashankari 3rd stage, Bangalore, India

Seagate PCB Burnt Hard Drive Data Recovery

Best data recovery place. Very professional and got all the my data which was lost from my burnt 1 TB hard disk. Highly recommend the work done by Prashanth and team.

Seagate pcb board was completely burnt out and could not power the drive, they have recovered my data without any loss of file or folders.

Subramanya Sharma

Seagate PCB burnt hard drive restore, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore India

NAS Box Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Drives

As we are in photo studio industry for data backup purpose, we were using NAS box and SSD since many years for better backup’s, due to power fluctuation the hard drives were non-functional and the data was inaccessible. After consulting few local vendors, we got the data folders, images, high quality raw files but none of the images were in working condition, everything was corrupted and messed-up. All the folder structure were mixed up.

After several retries from now data technical team, they managed to get most of the data out from NAS box. We have got the new backup solutions as suggested for future backups.


NAS Box recovery from damaged hard drives, Crystal Photo Solutions, Kerala, India

BitLocker Encryption Data Recovery

Thank you for your excellent service for breaking my Bit-Locker encrypted hard drive, which i tried with 2 data recovery centers but they could not recover. I am really happy in seeing all my data which was very important to me and also some of the data which i could not have missed with my professional front. Excellent work done by this data recovery company.

Pragna Nagendra

Bit-Locker Encryption HDD Decryption & Recovery, Malleshwaram, Bangalore India

Damaged Broken Mac Hard Drive Recovery

I am working at Solar Panel Systems Company, While i was coming from first floor through steps with my laptop i just slipped on steps and fell on my laptop, it is a mac book laptop and it was completely damaged the screen & motherboard got broken. I went to Mac book store they said they can’t do anything of repair and recovery since everything was fully broken. The hard disk got bent to an angle. Our Company Official data and plannings totally was stored in it. I was searching for data recovery centers and with the reference of my colleague i provided my Mac drive to Now Data Recovery. After 26 days, i got my data back with what i was looking for. Great Efforts from the team. Thanks to Now Data Team.!!


Damaged & Broken Mac Hard drive Recovery, Solar Panel Systems, Chennai

Seagate 320 GB USB External Hard Disk Data Recovery

I got my 320gb Hard disk recovered from Now Data. Remarkable job on the recovery, the overall service was great too. Pick Up and Drop etc. Very responsive and efficient. The prices were also extremely competitive compared to other data recovery companies.


Seagate 320 GB USB External Hard Drive Recovery, IIMB ( Indian Institute of management Studies, Bangalore), Bannerghatta Road

Memory Card Logical Data Recovery

Great Service, professional & polite staff.
They took 10 minutes to analyse the errors and 1 hour to recover my data, at a very reasonable price.
Highly recommended to all.

Ammar Alani

Memory Card Logical Data Retrieval, France, Europe

Seagate Drive Recovery 500 GB Media Level

I had a seagate 500 GB HDD with clicking noise coming inside it. So, i approached a international data recovery company which claimed to be established for 14 years & they quoted me 55,000 for recovering the data which i felt it was very expensive. Later after searching on google i found this reliable company and approached them. They analyzed the hard disk and recovered it within 8 working days, i got all my data recovered at a cost of 18,000 /- without any data loss. Thanks for saving my data & also my money.


Seagate 500 GB Media Level Recovery, R T Nagar, Bangalore

Physically Damaged WD Hard Drive Successful Recovery

My hard disk fell accidentally from my hands and it stopped working. i just got it done from ‘Now data recovery’ company.. I am happy that i got all content i asked for. I thought i lost all my lifetime photos but i got it back safely. The charges are very reasonable and for me my pics are priceless.

Aditi Jain

New Delhi, India

Seagate 1 TB USB Hard Drive Recovery

The guys are expert and knowledgeable, they explained it in a very systematic manner and quoted the price. It was close to 4 years of photography data was saved in a good manner and they even gave me suggestions on how to avoid data failures in the future. As per their promise they recovered the data on time. I will definitely recommend the company to all my friends circle. 🙂

Parithosh Jayanthi

Seagate 1 TB USB Hard drive Data Backup Recovery, BTM Layout, Bangalore, India

Data Recovery from Western Digital Mycloud Hard Drive

This is seriously the best professional data recovery center in Bangalore. The staff knows the job, set right expectations from beginning and their prices are reasonable and affordable by common man. My case was a difficult one but still the job was completed within 2 days and with 100% data recovery. Hats off to the technical team and keep up the good work !!!

Mohan Venkatesh

Jeevanbheema Nagar, Bangalore.

Damaged & Corrupted Memory Card Data Recovery

I went to Now Data company with a broken SD card which had video files on it.
Amazingly the team managed to recover all the files within a day!
The service was excellent but what I was struck by their pricing.
It is one of those services that can play on people’s desperation and charge accordingly b… Read more

Rumah Rasaque

Jayanagar, Bangalore, India

Seagate USB Hard Drive Damaged Recovery

Very Professional service. Clearly explained the issue and justified the price. Complete HTML snapshot of recovered drive was shared before payment to ensure no important data is missed. Timely, convenient pick up and delivery of drive.
Thank you Prashanth & Team.

Arun Menon

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, India

Western Digital 2 TB Desktop Bad Sector Recovery

Simply superb service… recovered my hard disk data which got damaged. The hard drive was hanging completely during the data copy and i could not copy any data. The video shooting was recovered without a single loss of data. Even the videos were repaired with proper playable condition.

Raghuram Reddy

Kolar, Karnataka India

Good Service with Higher Success

I gave two hard drives to recover data which was dead and crashed. Why I chose this company is because, one of my IT adviser in my company had referred me this data recovery center.

So after the submission i got an update regarding both the hard drives were not in detection and with that the cost


Rajajinagar, Bangalore India

Got Recovered My 2 TB Network Drive

I was using western digital 2 Terabyte NAS drive and it was an accidental drop by my child. When i tried to connect with any machine directly or via network there was no detection. Initially I was not ready to give my hard disk to any vendor fearing that i might lose the data, but after the research.

Rojer Kumar

Data Recovery from Ubuntu Installed Hard Drive

I lost all my data after installing Ubuntu but now data team recovered all data including with C Drive at a reasonable cost. It is one of the top data recovery center in Bangalore.

Prashant Yadav

Manyata Tech Park in Hebbal Kempapura, Bangalore

Seagate 4 TB Backup Plus Hard Disk Recovery

I would like to thank the whole team of now data and highly recommend too. Reasonable prices, very professional and clear about the process and payments are collected after data recovery only. They successfully recovered my complete data from Seagate 4 TB Backup plus hard drive which was failed due to a power surge and was damaged completely due to over-voltage. Thank you for the team.

Ak Akash

Seagate 4 TB backup plus drive, Vijayanagar

Buffalo Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Very well experienced & professional service. I got all my data back in a day! I didn’t even miss a single file. I appreciate and thank you so much!!
My Buffalo hard disk had an issue and i got my data back.

Saikarthik HM

Hosur Road

Data Recovery in Mysore for NAS BOX

5 years of company storage data was stored in the NAS box, my company is located in Mysore held me responsible for not taking regular backup, I lost hopes that my data will not get recovered.


Mysore for NAS BOX

Data Recovery in Mangalore for Hard Drives

I got the quote from 3 companies, so i chose now data company as they have provided reasonable quote & express retrieval. Thank you for the support, i will definitely recommend my friends if they get any data loss issues in there storage media in Mangalore.

Arbaaz Khan

Mangaluru, Karnataka India
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