Apple Mac Data Recovery Services

Now Data Recovery company are expert in mac data recovery services for apple computers like Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, Mac-Mini & i Mac devices. For apple mac data recovery one should be very professional in handling and recovering the data. Apple products are very ultimate & stunning, they hardly fail. If it fails unfortunately due to any issues then it might not be easy to recover the data by unprofessional people, hence you need to contact a professional data recovery company who is capable of recovering the data of any kind of problems in Apple computers.

Apple Mac Data Recovery
Apple Mac Data Recovery

In Now data recovery company we have in house data recovery lab wherein the hard drives are handled in a 100% clean room lab environment for physical damages. We ensure that your data is handled very safely and secure with 100% data confidentiality. We recover the data for any kind of issues in the Hard Disk Drives (HDD), SSD, Mac-drives such as Accidental Loss of Data, Corrupted, Hardware Failure, Operating System OS Failure, Mac OS X Volume Errors etc., can be recovered in our data recovery company.

In recent models you’re far more likely to find a solid state drive SSD instead of an hard disk drive HDD. SSD’s are faster and provide much better performance than traditional hard drives, Even SSD can also fail. Hard drive must be handled very carefully inside it the internal components are very delicate. Rough handling of hard drive may cause internal damages power outages, over heating and other Major level issues such as water level & fire level damages can be recovered. If the important data such as business documents, files or folder, photos, videos, music, excel files and other data is lost from your Macintosh computer can also be recovered in data recovery Center. You can trust us for the best and quality service. Thousands of customers are happy with our services related to data recovery from all operating system devices including desktop, laptop, servers and so on of apple and other brands. We follow a rule called ” No Recovery No Charges “ policy. 

Our data recovery charges depends on the type of problem or damage occurred in the hard drive. After a detail analysis our cost will be quoted. Fusion Drive is apple name for its implementation of a hybrid drives. Apple’s Fusion Drive combines an SSD and HDD, storing the operating system, apps, and frequently-used files on the SSD and everything else on the HDD. Intelligent software manages what goes where. When it comes to fusion drive data recovery it must be handled by experts who can find out the issue and resolve it. In now data recovery our services are very affordable, professional and customer friendly.

Mac Data Recovery
                   Mac Data Recovery

We Are Specialized in Retrieving Files From All Types of Mac Devices:

Mac Systems Recovery:
Mac Mini, MacBook, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, G4, G3 and earlier, iMac Pro, Apple TV, Time Capsule, eMac, PowerBook, iBook.

Mac Server Recovery:
Xserve, Xserve RAID, Xsan, Pegasus RAID.

Mac Applications & Files Recovery:
Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, iPhoto.

Mac Operating Systems Recovery:
All Mac OS including El Capitan 10.11, Mac Server OS 10.6.x, Xsan 1.x – 2.x

Types of Mac & Apple Data Storage:

  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Fusion Drive
  • NAND Flash
  • Drobo, Synology & Other NAS Drives

Apple Mac File Systems:

  • HFS
  • HFS Plus (HFS+)
  • Apple File System (APFS)
  • ExFAT
  • FAT32

Why Mac Computer Systems Fail:

  • Overheating Issues.
  • Power Failure.
  • Mac Hardware Failure.
  • Mac File Corruption.
  • Device Dropped from Great Height.
  • Reformatted Hard Drives.
  • Lightning, Flood or Fire Damage.
  • Dropped Device.
  • Mac OS X Volume Errors.
  • Power Circuit Malfunction.
  • Manufacturer Defect.
  • Accidental Deletion.
  • Mistakenly Overwritten Mac Files.
  • Reformatting of Partitions.
  • Overwritten Mac Files or Folders.

Precautions to be Taken to Avoid Data Loss in Mac:

  • Install an Anti-Virus Software to protect the data.
  • Always take a double back-up regularly.
  • Remove unwanted files & folders in the hard drive and preserve some space in it so that it runs smoothly.
  • Shut down your apps when you aren’t using them.
  • Protect against power surges with an UPS.
  • Encrypt your confidential data.
  • Keep your computer in a dry & Dust-Free Environment.

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