Western Digital (WD) 2 TB WD20NMVW Data Recovery

Western Digital (WD) 2 TB WD20NMVW Data Recovery

Western Digital (WD) 2 TB Hard Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital (WD) 2 TB WD20NMVW-11AV3S2 hard drive was given for data recovery. Hard drive was accidental dropped from height and it was having clicking noise inside, drive was not detecting. Customer had kept most of his photos, videos, also some of his profession related pictures etc. Customer had requested for the data recovery on urgent basis. Hence our team took it has priority and recovered the data before the dead line. Due to physical level head related issues, it took us 10 days of time to recover the data.

Western Digital (WD) 2 TB WD20NMVW Data Recovery

Drive: Western Digital 2 TB WD20NMVW and also other similar hard drives has been handled and recovered by our team.
Rotation Speed: 5400RPM
Model: WD20NMVW -11AV3S2, 11AV3S0, 11AV3S1, 11AV3S4
Form Factor: 2.5″ USB WD My Passport
Enclosure: Internal
Storage Capacity: 2 TB

Recovered Data: 95% Accuracy

Time Taken: 10 Days

Customer Feedback: Basically i work has a photographer and many of my client photos, short videos and other important data files were stored in my hard drive, some of my personal data was also stored in the same drive. My hard drive stopped working one day there was no drive showing in my computer i was totally tensed since i wanted to submit those photos to my client. Later my friend suggested me to visit now data recovery company, i gave my hard drive and they recovered 95% my data i as totally happy with there response and service.

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