Physically Damaged Fingerprint HDD with 93% Data Extraction

Physically Damaged Fingerprint HDD with 93% Data Extraction

Platter damaged with fingerprints

Videographer has lost the data from portable hard drive due to physical drop from 2 meters height, he has stored 6 wedding shooting in the External Seagate backup plus internal Samsung 1 TB hard drive. The Model of the Drive was ST1000LM024, HN-M101MBB/AV1, REV A, 2AR20003. Samsung 2014 manufactured hard drive which was purchased by Seagate company.

The Client gave the hard drive to one of the local vendor in Chennai for data recovery, the local computer shop did not realize the hard drive is physically bad and needs to be operated in clean room environment with tools and technology. The Vendor had opened the media of hard drive in normal air very badly and unknowingly damaged the platter surface with fingerprints and sent back to client, that data recovery is not possible.

The Client has approached several data recovery company in Chennai but due to tampered hard drive, the drive was returned back saying it was not possible. The drive was shipped to our Bangalore Lab location. After several inspection, we have confirmed the client that there is a chance of data recovery but not 100% but we will put our efforts to provide priority data or information from the disk.

The drive was processed in our Class 100 clean room lab with multiple rounds of cleaning for removing dust particles accumulated on the platter surface, the fingerprints on the platter surface was removed by using our particle removal technology (platter surface particle removal was done for dead skin, dust particles and oil fragments of fingerprints). The drive platters were thoroughly cleaned and inspected in our microscope for any other foreign particles accumulation.

The hard drive was processed for media exchange or platter exchange to our media expert who works on the physically bad hard drives, we have arranged 3 donor drives of the same model and version for media level recovery process.

The process went successful with our engineers working on the firmware and data extraction bit by bit, sector to sector and platter wise, the drive was ran for 24 days with several rounds of monitoring and stabilization of the disk for sector readings. After completion, the files are cross checked for data integrity, the success ratio is 93% with maximum data user required has been recovered from the hard drive. Client and the customers with wedding videos are happy with their data recovered.

Before Platter Surface Cleaning

Platter damages hard drive with fingerprints and dust particles

Platter damaged with fingerprints

After Platter Surface Cleaning

Fingerprints removal

Media: Seagate Samsung 1 TB Hard Drive ST1000LM024, HN-M101MBB/AV1, REV A, 2AR20003.

Recovery Percentage: 93%

Time Taken: 24 Working Days.

Clients response: Can proudly refer this company, as they have recovered my data even after physical damages done by local computer vendor in chennai.
worth spending the recovery charges for recovery percentage.

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