MRI Equipment 20 years old 2 GB Seagate Hard drive recovered

MRI Equipment 20 years old 2 GB Seagate Hard drive recovered

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Hospital had issues with one of the MRI scanning equipment specially designed to detect cancer cells had issues with sudden shutting down of 1 hard drive out of 2. With the capacity of 2 GB, with patients information of scanning report and the coding software stored in the same. The both drives were identical but the information stored are different, the equipment manufacturing company does not provide support for more than 5 years and the device is imported from Germany. The drives is 50 Pin PATA drive with no modern device will support such drive since from 2006, as the SCSI hard drive manufacturing stopped,  the drive arrived to our lab for recovery and data imaging purpose, the exact bit to bit imaging is required to be completed to bring back the MRI machine live, without which the machine could not function any longer.

The drive was analyzed and found that the physical read and write head was damaged due to improper shutdown and age of the device. The data recovery was undertaken by our experts by acquiring 2 working hard drives of the same version and make from US, time spent on completing the physical recovery work, firmware and alignment work and successfully bit by bit we have extracted the complete image of the hard drive.

The device had own terminal Linux based operating system partition for booting the application designed to run the MRI machine, we have successfully booted the drive by applying our methods for data extraction. Client is happy with the results and the machine back in working condition with the data stored in the same.

Media: Seagate 2 GB Hard Drive

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Time Taken: 12 Working Days.

Clients response: Our Hospital machine which was about to be scrapped can be used for study and testing purpose.

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