Logical Data Recovery for Deleted & Formatted Drives:

The Logical data recovery is the condition wherein the Hard drive will be in perfectly good condition or working drive, but due to human error few data like files and folders are deleted or formatted or not accessible or overwritten.

Logical recovery with deleted formatted and overwritten data recovery

Logical recovery with deleted formatted and overwritten data recovery

The Deleted data recovery:

The files are deleted due to human mistake or due to virus, which is affecting the files and folders in the hard drive. The computer might be in shared network, wherein many users are using the same computer to share and access data, if any of the user deletes certain information, the same data will be deleted in all the locations. Certain virus will hold the data until it is affecting the computer, antivirus removing the malware or virus, would affect the data. Certain software will affect the database leaving it vulnerable for virus and data.

The Formatted data recovery:

Mistakenly formatting the hard drive instead of pendrive, partition deletion, partition overlapping, partition inaccessible due to suddenly removing the drive during format, windows Operating system update would make all the partitions as single and update new windows in C drive location, Merging partitions, converting primary partition into active, GPT to MBR conversion of the hard drive would lead the data in-accessible.

The Overwritten data recovery:

Overwriting data due to mistake, which would lead to information overlapping, creating new folders after deletion of old data. Deleting any data in C Drive partition and even a single restart of the computer would lead to overwriting, after file or folder deletion in C drive, the laptop or computer should be force shutdown and should not be turned on for any other operation. During Operating system like Windows, Linux or Mac update or new installation by downloading or inserting CD or perdrive, the earlier partitions would merge as single or will be overlapping and could not be accessed, the main C drive partition would be in-accessible and remaining partition will disappear.


  • Virus or Malware infection.
  • Power surge problem
  • Data Loss Accidental Deletion of Drive Partiton.
  • Data Loss due to Accidental Deletion & Merging Two Different Partitions.
  • Installing New Operating System by Formatting Entire Drive.
  • Operating system/Application malfunction.
  • Data deletion due to human errors.
  • Drives are not accessible.
  • File system corruption.
    • Huge size of the database & Several Fragmented Files.
    • Internal structure of the database is damaged
  • Power outage or unexpected system shutdown.Bad sectors in the storage media. Windows asking for “CHKDSK” every time during boot.Drive Showing “Drive is Not Accessible” / “Format Hard Disk” / “Drive Failure”.
    • Blue Screen.
    • Cannot login Operating system & data is present in same drive. Showing “Please insert proper Booting Device
    • Operating System cannot recognize your Bootable Drive / Drive partitions.