Data Recovery in Nelamangala

Now Data Recovery is the top and reputed data recovery service providers in Nelamangala. Our technical team are well experienced in handling a wide variety of storage devices. Our main goal is to provide the best data recovery services for the persons who has lost data due to various reasons such as Software Crash, Human Error, Accidental Deletion, Corrupted, Formatted, Virus Attack and so on. Data recovery is full fledged service which we offer for various Multinational Corporations, Educational Institutions, Government Sectors, Photographers, Business people and Individuals.

Data Recovery in Nelamangala

Data Recovery in Nelamangala

Now Data Recovery is one of the most trusted data recovery company in Nelamangala. Many customers are satisfied with our data recovery service and there are many IT Companies regularly trust us and submit the hard drive for the data recovery. Success rate is higher by adopting latest technology methods tools and techniques, we will prepare recovery method for each media submitted based on condition and extent of damages on the hard drive/media for maximum data recovery.

We provide data recovery for the devices listed below in our now data recovery Nelamangala:

  • Desktop/PC Hard Disk Data recovery
  • Laptop Hard Drive
  • Apple Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Portable/USB Recovery
  • SD Cards & Flash Drives
  • Emergency Recovery
  • Operating System Data Recovery
  • RAID Server Data Recovery ( NAS, SAN, DAS, Drobo, Virtualization )
  • Photo, Video, Audio, Tally Data Recovery

Our technical engineers do a step by step verification process to find out the errors and damages caused in the damaged storage devices. We assign dedicated professionals to handle each media in case, analyzing a variety of factors such as hard drive model, age, firmware revision, and failure scenarios to create a relevant data recovery plan. In addition to this our experts also recover operating system data recovery from Windows, Apple Mac, Linux/Unix, Microsoft and other OS Data Recovery. All data which is stored in our servers will be safe and secure. We maintain 100% data confidentiality in our company. Nobody will have access to enter the data recovery lab apart from the technical team.

To handle the hard drives or to work on it a clean room lab is mandatory without a clean room setup the data recovery is not possible. Hard drives are very sensitive it must taken care extreme care. so if the hard drive is opened in a open environment the dust particles, airborne particles, finger prints might sit on the platter surface of the device and the recovery chances will be tough task. Hence our company has a ISO 5 Certified 100% Clean Room Lab & Best in class with latest technology, tools with equipment’s to handle each model of hard drives.

Data Recovery Charges In Our Company

Our data recovery charges are estimated upon the complexity of corruption in the device. Because every hard drive comes with different issues. So, specific report is generated such as damages in the hard drive, Recovery percentage, charges for the data recovery and time frame. After the approval from the client or customer we start data recovery process in our data recovery lab Nelamangala. Suppose if our technical experts found that the data recovery is not possible then we will not charge you.

Note: we follow NRNC policy that is ” No Recovery No Charges “ if the media is unrecoverable then we do not charge anything from the client or customer.

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