Data Recovery in Kolar

Now Data Recovery, A skilled and well trained professional data recovery company in Kolar . Data recovery is a service provided by our company for the individual who has lost there important files and folders, important documents, Excel files and much more. Our technical engineers are expert in recovering the data which is lost due to unforeseen circumstances such as accidental deletion, Formatted, Logical Errors, Software Crashes, Damaged Hard Drive Read/Write Heads, Firmware Corruption, Spilling Coffee or Water on a Computer. Almost all types of cases in the hard drive can be recovered and extracted from the damaged drive and other storage devices.

Data Recovery in Kolar

Data Recovery in Kolar

Hard Drive Failures can occur in the form of minor to major cases such as Logical Errors, Partition Loss, Overwritten Data, Accidental Deletion. Major issues are like PCB Damages, Firmware Corruption, CRC Errors, Clicking and Grinding Noise etc. We can also recover the Operating System Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix and other OS data recovery in Kolar.

The Common Signs of Hard Disk Drive Failures We Recover in Our Data Recovery Company Kolar:

  • Data Disappear/ Blank Folders
  • Hard Drive Not Recognized By Computer
  • Files & Folders Cannot be Accessed
  • Overheating Issues
  • The Computer/Operating System Won’t Boot
  • Hard Drive Physical Crash
  • Hard Disk Component Failure
  • Mechanical Failures
  • Fire/Water Damage
  • Virus, Trojan & Malware Attack

And Many more cases will be successfully recovered in our Now Data Recovery Company Kolar. Our recovery team incorporates step by step process in extracting the lost data from your damaged hard drives or storage media. Each Hard drive is done case study by our technical engineers to ensure guaranteed data outcome with the same data structure.

Clean Room Lab

All Data recoveries are performed in our ISO 5 Certified 100% Clean Room Lab Environment with standards set by Best-in-class data recovery tools with equipment’s for hassle-free data recovery. Clean room lab is used to prevent from outer dust, airborne microbes, organisms, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. If the drive accumulates with dust particles on the platter surface the recovery chances will be lesser. Hence we open the media in a clean room environment to avoid such circumstances in our data recovery center kolar.

Cost/Charges For the Data Recovery in Kolar

Our Data recovery charges for the hard drive or any other storage media depends on the cause of data failure or data loss. Data loss can happen in various forms. Hence, before giving quotation to the customer, our technical team analyze the hard drive to understand the real cause of data failure. Well, we charge on the basis of issue and we do not charge depending on the data size. And very important point is ” No Recovery No Charges “ that is if we are unable to recover the data from your damaged hard drive then we do not charge anything to customer or client.

Our data recovery services are done in Kolar nearby places and other sub-areas such as Malur, Tekal, Andersonpet, Bangarpet, Thondebhavi, Vatadahosahalli, Chelur Kolar, Burudugunte, Gownipalli, Melur Kolar, Gudibanda, Sidlaghatta, Kaiwara, Nangli, Oorgaumpet, Hossur, Manchennahalli, Pathapalya, Dalasanur, Narasapura.

If you get any more queries on our data recovery services you call us to our Now Data Recovery Company.