Data Recovery in Bijapur

Now Data Recovery, Technologically advanced company in providing data recovery service in Bijapur. Data recovery is a process of restoring the data which is lost from the Laptop and Desktop Hard Drives, Servers and other storage devices. Data loss may happen in many forms such as Virus Attack, Software Crash, Accidental Deletion, Corrupted, Power Outages, etc., Hence Now Data Recovery in Bijapur provides the best data recovery services with Safe, Affordable and Hassle-Free data recovery. We adopt latest scientific and unique data recovery process for each data storage solution drive’s which involves a deep knowledge about Media and Expertise in data recovery services with reverse engineering. We assign dedicated technical experts to handle each media in case, they are specialist in handling any drive failures and provide best data recovery in Bijapur.

Data Recovery in Bijapur

                             Data Recovery in Bijapur

Hard Drive Failures which is Handled in Now Data Recovery Bijapur

  • Logical Data Recovery such as Deleted or Formatted
  • Electronic Failure or PCB Board Damages
  • Firmware Issues
  • CRC & I/O Errors
  • Bad Sectors / Disk Errors
  • Physically Damaged Media
  • Disk Read/Write Head Failure
  • Circuit Failure
  • Power Surge Electronic Damages
  • Corrupt Partition Table

Experts in our company ensure every bit of data is extracted and retrieved from damaged media, even data recovery cases like firmware locking and SA not accessible drives are being completed successfully in our data recovery lab Bijapur.

It does not end up with just hard drives our team also handles storage devices such as Desktop Hard Drive, Laptop Hard Disk, Apple Mac Book Hard Drive Recovery, Solid State Drives (SSD), Portable HDD, Memory Cards, Flash Drives, Pen Drives, Encryption Recovery and RAID Servers like NAS, SAN, DAS and Drobo data recovery services in Bijapur. And Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, Novell etc is also recovered. We handle all hard drives with extreme care whether it is Individuals, Corporate Company, Government Sectors. Customers data will be safe in our lab with 100% Data Confidentiality, Nobody will have access to enter inside the data recovery lab to access the data apart from technical team. We ensure that your information is 100% safe and secure in our data recovery lab.

Clean Room Lab in Now Data Recovery Bijapur

Being a data recovery service leader we use the Best Industry Practices and in our ISO 5 Certified 100% Clean Room Lab Recovery Environment & Best-in-class data recovery tools with equipment’s to handle each model of hard drives. During the data recovery process our technical experts carefully dismantle the data storage device, inspect them for physical damage and performing component level repair. To minimize contamination of dust and maximize recovery results, All recoveries are performed in Now Data Recovery Clean Room Environment.

Data Recovery Charges

Generally our charges purely depends on the problem in the hard disk. We do not charge customer on Data size such as 1 GB or 1 TB, We charge on the basis of issues in the hard drive. We can likewise retrieve the information from any sort of capacity media lost can be effectively recovered in Now Data Recovery Bijapur, India. And our company follow a policy called ” No Recovery No Charges “ that means if we are unable to recover the data from your damaged hard drive we do not charge a single rupee from customers.

Our data recovery services are done in Bijapur and nearby places and other sub-areas such as Jadar Galli, Chattrapati Shivaji Nagar, Mukund Nagar, Gopalpur Galli Vijayapura, Apmc.

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