Data Recovery in Bidar

Now Data Recovery is one of the fast going data recovery company in Bidar. We believe in providing Fast, Cost Effective & Professional Data Recovery Services for individuals, Corporate sectors, Military/army sectors and so on. Our professional experts work with all types of storage devices and cases with more effort to get back the data!. Data loss can occur in many forms whether it is logical issues such as formatted, corrupted or accidental deletion, and hardware level issues such as PCB Damages, Bad Sector Problem, Firmware Corruption etc., is recovered by our team.

Data Recovery in Bidar

Data Recovery in Bidar

In addition to this we also recover the data from the operating systems such has Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix and other OS data recovery in Bidar. There are many more ways in which you can lose all your personal data that is stored on your computer or in your external drive. Almost all types of cases in the hard drive can be recovered and extracted from the damaged drive and other storage devices.

Storage Devices That We Handle in Now Data Recovery Bidar:

  • Desktop and Laptop Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • RAID array’s such as NAS, SAN, DAS and Drobo
  • Apple Mac Book Data Recovery
  • Memory Cards Recovery
  • Portable/USB Recovery
  • Emergency Recovery
  • SD Cards & Flash Drives
  • Encryption Recovery
  • OS Data Recovery
  • Photo, Video, Audio, Tally Recovery

We use the most advanced data recovery tools and techniques to bring back your data with the same quality structure and resolution. Our Company has own in built data recovery research and development (R & D) team which handles data recovery services even when the cases are rejected from other companies such as Physically Damaged Clicking Drives, Fire Damages, Water Damages and complex recovery cases in hard drives and other data storage devices can be successfully recovered in our Now Data Recovery Company Bidar.

We Have Clean Room Lab Set Up in Now Data Recovery Bidar

Hard drives must be handled with extreme care, it is very sensitive. When the media needs to be examined or opened clean room lab is mandatory, without it if the hard drive is opened particles in the air can cause further problems if they interrupt the delicate air bearing that holds the read/write heads microns above the platter surface. Hence our company is ISO 5 Certified 100% Clean Room Lab Environment with Best-in-class data recovery tools & equipment’s to handle each media drives for the best outcomes and ensure guaranteed data retrieval.

Data Confidentiality in Our Data Recovery Company

Your data is maintained with 100% data confidential nobody will have access to enter data recovery lab expect our technical team. We have an professional group of engineers who use highly advanced skills, procured over number of years by working on different types of data recovery services Bidar. Recovery Experts in our company guarantee all of data is extracted and recovered from damaged drives, even firmware locking and SA not accessible drives will be recovered.

Data Recovery Charges for Hard Drives and Other Storage Devices:

Data recovery charges is not calculated on TB, GB or MB basis that needs to be recovered from the media. It is purely depending on the media condition of the storage device. We do not charge on data size. Our prices are very reasonable and affordable. Suppose if your data is not recoverable then we do not charge anything. Our company follows a rule that is ” No Recovery No Charges “ if the data recovery is not possible.

Our data recovery services are done in Bidar nearby places and other sub-areas such as Santhpur, Bhatambra, Basavakalyan, Mannakhelli, Maniknagar, Hallikhed, Aurad, Rajeshwar, Mudhol, Matala, Bableshwar, Halbarga, Kamalnagar, Bidar Gandhi Gunj, Dubalgundi, Kamthana, Hulsoor, Mudbi, Devar Hippargi, Bidar G.N.Jhira, Hoodgi, Chitguppa, Yarzeri.

For more queries on the data recovery services, You can call us to Now Data Recovery company.