Data Recovery in Belgaum

Now Data Recovery is a company that provides data recovery service to the customers who are searching for data recovery for damaged hard drive which is lost due to Corruption, Software Crash, Virus Attack, Accidental Deletion etc., can be recovered in Now Data Recovery in Belgaum. Our technical team are very professional in handling all types of problems. The Success rate is higher by adopting the latest technology, tools and techniques to extract the data from the damaged hard drive. If that data gets deleted suddenly due to bad circumstances it will make your situation worse especially IT Corporate, Business People, Government Sectors, Bank Sectors etc. In addition to this our experts can also recover the data from the operating systems such has Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix and other OS data recovery in Belgaum.

Data Recovery in Belgaum

                             Data Recovery in Belgaum

Storage Devices That We Handle in Now Data Recovery Belgaum:

  • Desktop & Laptop Hard Drive
  • Apple Mac Book Data Recovery
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Memory Cards
  • Portable/USB Recovery
  • Emergency Recovery
  • SD Cards & Flash Drives
  • Encryption Recovery
  • RAID Array’s such as NAS, SAN, DAS and Drobo
  • Photo, Video, Audio, Tally Data Recovery

Data Failure can appear in any form it cannot be predicted when and how the hard drive gets damaged. Now Data Recovery is here to provide you the best data recovery services in Belgaum. We do a step by step methods incorporated to extract lost data information from your storage devices. Our team has in depth knowledge and tactics to recover the data and get back with the same file structure & condition.

We understand how important your personal data. 100% Data Confidentiality is maintained in our company. Only laboratory technical team has access to enter inside the data recovery lab. Data recovery procedures are done in our data labs we don;t out source recovery projects to other companies.

Data Recovery Process & charges

Once the hard drive is submitted to our company, our technical experts do a case study for all the drives and find out the problem and create a detail report and update customer about the damage, charges for data recovery, Recovery percentage etc. After the approval our team start to work on the hard disk in a clean room environment. Charges depends on the issue in the hard disk we do not charge on data size like 1GB or 1TB. Our charges purely depends on the problem. We follow a policy called ” No Recovery No Charges “ that means if we are unable to recover the data from your damaged hard drive we do not charge a single rupee from customers or clients.

Clean Room Lab

Clean room lab is a dust free environment, If the media needs to be opened or examined we work in clean room environment to avoid dust, organisms, aerosol particles. Our company is a ISO 5 Certified 100% Clean Room Lab Environment with standards set by Best-in-class data recovery tools with equipment’s for hassle-free data recovery. To minimize contamination of dust and maximize recovery results, all recoveries are performed in Now Data Recovery Clean Room Environment.

Our data recovery services are done in Belgaum nearby places and other sub-areas such as Kanbargi, Kanabargi, Nilaji, Auto Nagar, Basavan Kudchi are the some of Localities in Belgaum.

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