CNC Machine Excelstor Dead Hard Drive Data Recovery

CNC Machine Excelstor Dead Hard Drive Data Recovery


Our engineers took the job, after analysis, we found that mechanical components of the hard drive were failed,  the Excel stor hard drive was old and the company is sold to IBM, they have stopped manufacturing any device post 2003. We have to find 2 working hard drives of the same model for components like Read and write heads, Motor and to correct firmware codes on the disk. We have searched with various vendors tied up with us in India for spare parts, but none of the vendor had the same matching working hard drive available. We have to order the same hard drives from China.

Our engineers have started the media level work on the disk, wherein the disk Read and Write head has been replaced with motor exchange from working drive. The client’s hard drive was worked continuously to take bit by bit imaging of the sectors, Client’s requirement is to run back the CNC machine, which would require us to get all the sectors from the original hard drive imaged perfectly, without losing single sector or data from the same. The work on the hard drive was completed with 3 spare parts of the same model assembling step by step after each failure. The complete disk image of the drive is taken and applied to two working hard drives of the same capacity.

Our executive visited the location, after the support form software configuration team and our provided recovered hard drive, the CNC machine worth of 39 Lacks, was back working again, without any further technical work. Client was suggested to take further backups of the same and we assisted in providing the complete future disaster solution.

Media: Excelstor 40 GB IDE Hard Drive

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Time Taken: 15 Working Days.

Clients response: We were expecting only data from the hard drive, Nowdata technical team has supported us to not only get the data, even the CNC machine back functional.

Company name: Pentavision Pvt Ltd

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