Now Data Recovery – One Stop Solution For All Your Data Recovery Needs

Now Data Recovery - One stop solution for all your data recovery Needs

Now Data Recovery

One stop solution for all your data recovery needs

Are you searching for best data recovery service centers?

Now Data Recovery is here to service you!

You might get lots of doubts regarding data recovery from your storage drives??

Watch this video till the end and get answers to all your questions!

First let us tell you the procedure of how we handle storage drives, what’s the percentage of data recovery, how much time we take to get the data, what’s the charges and time limit.

You have lost the data and don’t know what to do?

In this case do not try anything at your home. Please turn off the device and bring it to Now data recovery center or call us we will assist you.

Once the drive is given for analysis, we take 3 to
4 hours of time to diagnose the issue. We then report to the customer/client about the recovery percentile, time period and the quotation. Once the approval is received from the client, we start the work in our lab.

Is our location far from your place? Are you worried of how to deliver it.?
Don’t worry we can personally visit your place, pick the item and deliver it.

What type of file formats data we recover?
Any type of formats like- Pictures, Videos, Audio, Documents, Mail backup, DataBase backup & all file formats.

What type of storage drives we recover?
All kinds of storages like External or Portable hard drive, sd card, flash card, SSD, Desktop HDD, laptop HDD & server drives, Encrypted drives, CD & DVD’s etc.

Does cost vary for Data Size?
Obviously Not. Cost is estimated on the issue in the device and is irrespective on the data size in the HDD.

Should i do the payment in advance?
No, Payment is only after the completion of the recovery.

whats the difference between other recovery centers and Now Data Recovery?

  • We handle it in a 100% clean room lab.
  • With latest technology and expensive data recovery equipment’s.
  • Best results in industry with respect to percentage and time frame.
  • Reasonable charges

Please feel free to call us or write an email for any of your queries. Our team will guide you through the process of hassle free recovery.

Now Data Recovery
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We are listed among the Top 5 Data Recovery Services in India 2017

Top 5 Data Recovery companies in India


We’ve all done it: accidentally deleted photos, videos or files by accident.Your business is dependent on your data. Without it, the results would be devastating. You likely perform regular backups or store it on RAID servers for redundancy. However, backups and redundancy fail at times.

But don’t panic. There are so many IT Software  companies which provide data recovery services.  These companies work on your hard drives in clean-room environments, salvaging data from even the most damaged of disks.

Top 5 Data Recovery companies in India

We are rated among the Top 5 Data Recovery companies in India.



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