Bitlocker Recovery From Half Encrypted Hard Drive

Bitlocker Recovery From Half Encrypted Hard Drive

Bit Locker Encryption Data Recovery

The User had locked the hard drive with Bit-Locker encryption in Windows 8, the drive was not accessible after applying password, hence the user has tried to decrypt the complete drive. The drive was half decrypted and terminated with unexpected errors. The hard drive had stopped detecting and did not respond to any functions in the computer. Customer had very important data and confidential information which was needed on urgent basis.

Bit Locker Encryption Data Recovery

Bit-Locker Encryption Data Recovery

The hard drive had issues with hardware failure due to bad sectors and read/write part from magnetic platter surface. Hardware level work has been completed with our physical in our clean room lab. Drive was successfully decrypted from bit-locker encryption without losing single bit of information we have recovered complete data in 6 working days. The complete data is recovered with proper files and folders which was available before crash.

Customer was completely satisfied after seeing his complete data recovered.

Bitlocker Encryption Data Recovery

Media: Western Digital 1 TB Hard Drive.

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Time Taken: 6 Working Days.

Clients response: I thought i lost the complete data by mistakenly applying Bit-locker and it was unsuccessful. Recovery went 100% with full data.

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