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Seagate 500 GB ST500LM000 Laptop SSHD Data Recovery

Seagate 500 GB Desktop hard drive was submitted to our company for data recovery, laptop hard drive was accidentally dropped from great height and the drive was giving clicking sound and inaccessible.
It was couriered to us from Hyderabad, Our technical team found the issues while analyzing the hard disk read write head was damaged, hence we replaced the read write head and made the drive into working condition and recovered the data from laptop hard drive.

Seagate 500 GB ST500LM000 Laptop SSHD Data Recovery

Drive: Seagate 500 GB ST500LM000 laptop hard drive and also other similar laptop hard drives has been successfully recovered in our data recovery company Bangalore.

Rotation Speed: 5400 RPM
Model: ST500LM000
Form Factor: 2.5″ Laptop Hard Drive
Interface Types: SATA 6 Gb/s
Storage Capacity: 500 GB
Cache: 64 MB

Seagate Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Recovered Data: 97% Accuracy

Time Taken: 7 Days

Customer Feedback: My hard drive was not working and i had few important data in it, locally in Hyderabad there was no much facility to recover from physically damaged drive. Thank you now data for your wonderful data recovery service and quick recovery of my dead hard drive. i got my all important data back.

Samsung 250 GB HD255GJ Hard Disk Data Recovery


Samsung 250 GB HD255GJ hard drive was facing issue with I/O device error. The desktop hard drive was inaccessible since the Windows was not able to perform an input/output action when it is trying to access a hard disk. Whenever customer was trying to copy the data he was getting and error message has “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device Error”. Our Technical engineers worked on the hard disk and a report was generated. After the approval the data recovery process was started in our clean room lab and successfully completed data recovery.

Samsung 250 GB HD255GJ Hard Disk Data Recovery

Drive: Samsung 250 GB HD255GJ and also other similar types of hard disk can be handled by our data recovery team.
Rotation Speed: 7200 RPM
Model: HD255GJ
Form Factor: 3.5″
Cache Memory: 8 MB
Enclosure: Internal Desktop Hard Drive
Storage Capacity: 500 GB
Interface: SATA 3.0 Gbps

Samsung 250 GB Hard Drive Data Recovery

Recovered Data: 98 % Accuracy

Time Taken: 4 Days

Customer Feedback: I highly recommend this place in case if anybody faces data loss issue. Now Data Recovery team did a great job by recovering all my data with a competitive price.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Damaged & Corrupted Memory Card Data Recovery

I went to Now Data company with a broken SD card which had video files on it.
Amazingly the team managed to recover all the files within a day!
The service was excellent but what I was struck by their pricing.
It is one of those services that can play on people’s desperation and charge accordingly b… Read more

Rumah Rasaque

Jayanagar, Bangalore, India

Seagate USB Hard Drive Damaged Recovery

Very Professional service. Clearly explained the issue and justified the price. Complete HTML snapshot of recovered drive was shared before payment to ensure no important data is missed. Timely, convenient pick up and delivery of drive.
Thank you Prashanth & Team.

Arun Menon

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, India

Western Digital 2 TB Desktop Bad Sector Recovery

Simply superb service… recovered my hard disk data which got damaged. The hard drive was hanging completely during the data copy and i could not copy any data. The video shooting was recovered without a single loss of data. Even the videos were repaired with proper playable condition.

Raghuram Reddy

Kolar, Karnataka India

Seagate 2 TB Data Recovery

All of a sudden my Seagate 2 TB hard disk stopped working. I asked 2 of my IT friends to recover data for me. They tried using a software but unfortunately it could not recover. I searched for data recovery center in Bangalore and found Now Data company.

Mytreyi Ayyangar

Vijayanagar, Bangalore India

Good Service with Higher Success

I gave two hard drives to recover data which was dead and crashed. Why I chose this company is because, one of my IT adviser in my company had referred me this data recovery center.

So after the submission i got an update regarding both the hard drives were not in detection and with that the cost


Rajajinagar, Bangalore India

Got Recovered My 2 TB Network Drive

I was using western digital 2 Terabyte NAS drive and it was an accidental drop by my child. When i tried to connect with any machine directly or via network there was no detection. Initially I was not ready to give my hard disk to any vendor fearing that i might lose the data, but after the research.

Rojer Kumar

Data Recovery from Ubuntu Installed Hard Drive

I lost all my data after installing Ubuntu but now data team recovered all data including with C Drive at a reasonable cost. It is one of the top data recovery center in Bangalore.

Prashant Yadav

Manyata Tech Park in Hebbal Kempapura, Bangalore

Seagate 4 TB Backup Plus Hard Disk Recovery

I would like to thank the whole team of now data and highly recommend too. Reasonable prices, very professional and clear about the process and payments are collected after data recovery only.



Buffalo Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Very well experienced & professional service. I got all my data back in a day! I didn’t even miss a single file. I appreciate and thank you so much!!
My Buffalo hard disk had an issue and i got my data back.

Saikarthik HM

Hosur Road

Data Recovery in Mysore for NAS BOX

5 years of company storage data was stored in the NAS box, my company is located in Mysore held me responsible for not taking regular backup, I lost hopes that my data will not get recovered.


Mysore for NAS BOX

Data Recovery in Mangalore for Hard Drives

I got the quote from 3 companies, so i chose now data company as they have provided reasonable quote & express retrieval. Thank you for the support, i will definitely recommend my friends if they get any data loss issues in there storage media in Mangalore.

Arbaaz Khan

Mangaluru, Karnataka India
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