Western Digital 500 GB WD5000BEVT Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery

Western Digital 500GB WD5000BEVT Data Recovery

Western Digital Laptop Hard Disk 500 GB WD5000BEVT was having problem with slow reading and not accessible in computer. Customer had his all data files of office related such as excel files PPT presentation, videos etc… So our data recovery experts started to work on the problem and found the issues are with firmware codes and too many bad sectors. The hard drive was having an issues with boot sector accessibility and most of the sectors were bad and unable to read from the same. So for the data recovery advanced technology & tools were used to recover boot sector and folder structure from the laptop hard drive.

Western Digital (WD) 500 GB WD5000BEVT Data Recovery

Drive: Western Digial 500 GB WD5000BEVT-22ZAT0 22ZAT1, 22ZAT2 and 22ZAT3 and WD5000BPVT also other types of laptop hard drives were handled by our team.
Rotation Speed: 5400 RPM
Model: WD5000BEVT-22ZAT0
Form Factor: 2.5″
Cache Memory: 8 MB
Enclosure: Internal Laptop Hard Disk
Storage Capacity: 500 GB
Interface: SATA 3Gb/s

Recovered Data: 94 % Accuracy

Time Taken: 8 Days

Customer Feedback: I had lost hopes that my office data is permanently gone and my company would sue me. But when i did research about data recovery company i found that now data recovery had good reviews and different cases was handled in this company. So i gave my hard drive here and they gave an assurance that the data will be recovered and finally i got all my important data back. Thanks to now data recovery team.

Western Digital (WD) 5 TB WD50EZRX MyBook Portable Desktop HDD Data Recovery

Western Digital (WD) 5 TB Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital (WD) 5 TB WD50EZRX-00MVLB1 Desktop hard drive was submitted to our company in tampered and damaged condition, customer had tried opening the hard drive by watching you tube videos and damaged it further. Hard drive was sent from Chennai for recovery since customer had huge data, many files and folders were stored in it. Hard drive was damaged very badly due to multiple times plugging and unplugging the hard drive to different system, the drive was not in detection and we found dust particle accumulation in the platter surfaces. Hence after the analysis by our team informed customer regarding the issue, time frame and charges for the recovery. After the approval we started the recovery and about 97% of data of 4.3 TB was recovered successfully by continuous efforts by cleaning platter surfaces, assembling new working hard drive components to the disk and imaging process.

Western Digital (WD) 5 TB WD50EZRX MyBook Portable Desktop HDD Data Recovery

Drive: Western Digital 5 TB WD50EZRX-00MVLB1 and also other similar desktop hard drives has been recovered by our team.( WD50EZRZ-32GZ5B1, WD500VF4PZ, WD5001F9YZ, WD50EZRZ-32RWYB1, MLWD50EZRZ WDBWLG0050HBK-NESN,WD15EARS-00Z5B1, WD50PURX-64LZMY0, WD5001FZWX, WD50EFRX-68MYMN1, WD50EZRX-00MVLB1, WD50EZRZ-00RWYB1, WD5001FZWX-00ZHUA0, WD50EZRZ-00RWYB1, WD50EZRZ-00RWYB1, WD5001FZWX-00ZHUA0 )

Rotation Speed: 5400RPM
Model: WD50EZRX-00MVLB1
Form Factor: 3.5″ Desktop
Interface Types: SATA
Storage Capacity: 5 TB

Recovered Data: 97% Accuracy

Time Taken: 18 Days

Customer Feedback: I had couriered my hard drive to now data recovery from Chennai since i couldn’t find any good data recovery centered at my place for my tampered hard drive, companies were denying the disk since it was already opened. My hard drive was handled very safely and the data process was hassle free. After data recovery i had team viewer online access to cross check the data, post checking process they couriered it back to my location with safe packing. Almost all of my data was recovered thank you team for the data recovery.

Western Digital (WD) 500 GB WD5000M21K SSHD Data Recovery

Western Digital (WD) 500 GB SSHD Data Recovery

Western Digital (WD) 500 GB WD5000M21K native hybrid SSHD Tablet Slim hard drive was submitted to our company for data recovery. Files were unable to view and non detecting condition Hence our technical team started working on the SSHD. The PCB board was changed with different same model board with firmware reading shifted to the new board. The disk was making clicking noise and unable to detect in any computer.

Western Digital (WD) 500 GB SSHD Data Recovery
Western Digital (WD) 500 GB SSHD Ultra Slim Data Recovery

The WD hard drive was worked in our clean room lab for platter shifting and hence data recovery. The drive was successfully recovered with 95% of data accuracy. customer was very happy with the recovery service.
The connector is very rare and the same was not available anywhere else to connect to any computer, the connector was imported from other country and we have recovered all data from tabled hard drive of western digital in 9 working days.

Western Digital (WD) 500 GB WD5000M21K Data Recovery
Western Digital (WD) 500 GB WD5000M21K Data Recovery

Drive: Western Digital 500 GB WD5000M21K Native Hybrid and also other SSHD drives were handled by our team.
Rotation Speed: 7200RPM
Model: WD5000M21K
Form Factor: 2.5″
Enclosure: Internal
Storage Capacity: 500GB
Solid State Drive: 8 GB NAND

Recovered Data: 95% Accuracy

Time Taken: 9 Days

Customer Feedback: I had many files, photos, videos etc in my SSD drive and i was very tensed since it was not detecting and also i had many memories in it. i tried in few data recovery centers to retrieve my data but the cost they quoted was high in which i couldn;t afford that much, so finally i found now data recovery company wherein they recovered all my data with cost effective price. Thank you very much i will surely refer all my friends and colleagues. Sending the hard drive from Ahmadabad Gujarat was worthwhile and we could get all data.

Data Recovery from Western Digital My Elements Damaged USB 1 TB WD10JMVW-11AJGS0 Hard Drive

My Elements 1 TB Drive WD10JMVW-11AJGS0

We have specialized team who can perform and get the success ratio of more than 95% on Western Digital hard drives either it is in Hardware damages, Firmware damages, Physical damages and Water or Fire level issues. The drives are taken with extreme care from beginning to end of process. The current hard drive was Western Digital USB My Elements 1 TB Hard Drive with Model : WD10JMVW-11AJGS0, Manufactured on 18th June 2013, the drive was damaged due to physical components of the drive was not in readable condition. Our clean room lab work yielded the best results as in every case and hence data recovery was successfully completed.

My Elements 1 TB Drive WD10JMVW-11AJGS0

Western Digital My Elements Hard Drive Data Recovery

Drive: My Elements 1 TB Drive WD10JMVW-11AJGS0, Similarly the drives like 11AJGS1, 11AJGS2, 11AJGS4 drives are handled from our side.

Rotation Speed: 5400RPM
Model: WD10JMVW-11AJGS0
DCX: 6A00J43G3
Form Factor: 2.5″ / 9.5mm
Interface Types: USB 3.0
Storage Capacity: 1 TB
Drive Type: Hard Drive HDD
Buffer-Host Max. Rate: 400 MB/seconds
Buffer Size: 8192 KB
Power Required (Seek): 1.4 W

Recovered Data: 100% Accuracy

Time Taken: 10 Days

Customer Feedback: The thesis data was stored in the same drive, Thanks for saving my one year of hard work.

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