HP RAID 0 Array 146 GB DG146BB976 Data Recovery

HP RAID 0 Array 146 GB Hard Drive Data Recovery

HP RAID 0 Array data recovery from HP DG146BB976 of 146 GB SAS storage capacity drives were having problem in all 3 hard drives.customer had stored many years of financial data and important files & documents.The array was completely offline and not able to boot the same due to issues in 3 drives. Customer was unable to view any of his files and folders, the server was completely down. We have worked to get the original RAID 0 array rebuilded.

HP RAID 0 Array 146 GB Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our experts analysed the problem and promised customer that we will recover the data back with the same structure and quality. So, it took us 11 working days of time to recover the data from all 3 hard drives our team had put 100% effort to bring back the data.

Drive: HP RAID 0 Server 3 SAS hard drives damaged due to controller and hard drive issues, Three HP SAS interface hard drives of 146 GB capacity each. DG146BB976, DG0146FARVU.

Recovered Data: 100% Accuracy

Time Taken: 11 Working Days

Customer Feedback: Company important files and folders financial database and company related database were recovered, thanks for the timely delivery with 100 % accuracy. Customer wanted it in a urgent basis but we tried our best to solve the problem as soon as possible, and finally we recovered it and customer was overwhelmed with joy.

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