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Seagate 1 TB ST1000DM000 Hard Drive Data Recovery


Seagate hard drive of 1 TB capacity ST1000DM000 was failed due to power fluctuation. Customer was transferring the data from desktop to the external hard drive so at that point of time hard drive has suddenly stopped working due to power failure. Customer has tried to copy once again, but due to mechanical issues in the drive he was unable to copy the data. Hence this hard drive was accepted by our company and started to work on the problem. After finding the damages in the PCB board and also physical damages in the drive a similar matching PCB board was arranged and the readings have been shifted and worked upon. After fixing the firmware codes and disk imaging process, our team could recover almost 97% of the data from the drive.

Seagate 1 TB ST1000DM000 Hard Drive Data Recovery

Drive: Seagate 1 TB ST1000DM000 and also other similar hard drives has been handled and recovered by our team.

Rotation Speed: 5400 RPM
Model: ST1000DM000
Interface: SATA
FW: CC93
Hard Drive Type: USB Hard Drive
Form Factor: 3.5″
Enclosure: Internal
Storage Capacity: 1 TB

Recovered Data: 97% Accuracy

Time Taken: 12 Days

Customer Feedback: I am very happy with the service as recovery percentage was high. I got almost all my data back. There charges are very reasonable and the customer service is also very good.

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