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Toshiba 128GB Mac SSD Data Recovery

Toshiba 128 GB Mac SSD drive SDNEP 655-1837A was submitted to our data recovery company. This SSD drive was totally corrupted and files were not displaying, also customer was facing issues like slow down of transfer rate whenever he used to transfer large files it would slow down the speed. Our technical team analysed the problem and informed customer not to use the SSD drive further since its health condition was almost came to an end. Data was successfully extracted from the SSD Drive, it took us 5 days to complete the data recovery process since customer had stored huge data files.

Toshiba 128GB Mac SSD Data Recovery

S/N: 1320A1403141
Brand: Toshiba
MPN: 6551837A
Model: SD6PQ4M-128G-1021
Capacity: 128 GB SDNEP 655-1837A

Recovered Data: 96% Accuracy

Time Taken: 5 Days

Customer Feedback: If you are looking for a professional data recovery company then go for it. They recovered almost all the data which was important and i am very happy with their service. One of my friend referred me this company since he was also satisfied with their service and the charges.

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