Onsite Data Recovery is supported for Business & Personal clients as emergency service to maintain their Business continuity & Disaster recovery. Onsite support for Analysis & Data recovery is supported for clients within Bangalore & India.

Types of HDD supported
1) 1.8″ Mini / Camera / ipod Hard disk.
2) 2.5″ Laptop Hard Disk IDE & SATA
3) 3.5″ Desktop Hard Disk IDE & SATA
4) SCSI & SAS Server Hard Disk.
5) SSD – Solid State Disk.

Kind of Operating System Supported
1) Windows & Dos
2) Mac
3) Linux
5) Novell

Kind of Hard Drive crash supported
1) Logical Issues like Partition loss, Deletion, Format, Overwritten, wherein hard disk is detected with good health condition
2) Basic Bad Sector issues with disk errors / CRC / IO Errors in disk, with detection in BIOS with model & capacity but the operating system could not able to access disk.
3) Server Crash due to operating system crash, controller issues / faulty controllers, Bad hard drives, RAID configuration loss, Foreign disk conversion and more server issues.
4) NAS Box failure due to controller issue or operating system crash or hard drive failure.
5) Encrypted hard drives with Bit-locker, MC-Cafe, Symantec, PGP Encrypted hard drives onsite support.

Non Physical cases can be handled onsite, For Physical disaster drives, the hard drive / media has to be analyzed in lab & hence data recovery will be processed in off-site.