Online Data Recovery

Data Recovery is Complicated when it comes to Mechanical Issues like Clicking Noises & Grinding Noises, but when it comes to Logical damage like Partition Loss, File Delete, File Corruption, Partition Overwriting, Accidental Loss of data due to human errors, Bad Sectors, File corruption, Database Corruption… The cost of data recovery is expensive & if it is wrongly handled by system admin & other staff, even a single mistake will make things complicated. We provide Online data recovery for your ease of access & with cost effective manner.

Why Prefer Online Data Recovery?

  • We Maintain Confidentiality with online data recovery, since all your data never leave your premises. You cannot trust a local vendor to do the same.
  • No Time delay in seeing data before recovery. Turn Around time is short.
  • No need to take disk for local vendors for Recovery – hence no travel time.
  • Cost Effective.
  • No need to wait for support engineers or data recovery company technicians to visit your place, We are available 24*7 contact us immediately for technical support. Skype ID: “nowdata.recovery”

Online Logical Recovery:

  • Accidental corruption of Partition, Partition Loss, Partition Table Overlapping, Partition Format.
  • Data Deletion due to Human Errors.
  • Virus infection or software error.
  • Merging two or more partitions into one. Installing New Operating System.
  • Minor CRC Errors in the disk. Major CRC or Hardware Bad sectors require off-site recovery in lab.

Online RAID Arrays Data Recovery:

  • RAID Array Destruction due to Failed Hard Disk.
  • RAID Partition Loss.
  • RAID Configuration destroyed due to power failure.
  • Unable to access RAID due to OS Corruption.

Online File Repairs

  • Virus or malware infection.
  • Power surge problem.
  • Data Loss Accidental Deletion of Drive Partition.
  • Data Loss due to Accidental Deletion & Merging Two Different Partitions.
  • Installing New Operating System by Formatting Entire Drive.
  • Operating system/Application malfunction.
  • Data deletion due to human errors.
  • Drives are not accessible.

Online Database Repair

  • MySQL Database Repair.
  • SQL Database Repair.
  • Oracle DB Database Repair.
  • Tally Data Repair.
  • MS Office Database Repair – Excel, Word, Access, PST – Outlook data.
  • Lotus Notes .nsf file Repair.
  • PDF file Repair.
  • Image Repair – JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, Camera Raw Images reconstruction.

Resources Required for Data Recovery Online

  • PC / Laptop / Server running with Operating system – Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • Media to be recovered – Running as a Secondary Hard Disk attached via USB or Internally connected as Slave Device.
  • Internet Connection with “Team Viewer” or “Ammy Admin” Running in the System.
  • Communication can be done via “Skype” “Gtalk” or “Yahoo”.